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og vim does not have full lsp out of the box. However it does have the the api and options to implement one easily.

see: https://vimhelp.org/channel.txt.html#language-server-protoco... https://vimhelp.org/channel.txt.html#channel-mode

Its useless for me without the ability to copy paste via keyboard. i.e. tmux's `ctrl b + ctrl [`

This has got to be one of the killer features of tmux.

Telegram should have a setting to choose the default (secret vs regular chat) and ask the user on installation. I understand about the backups part but a lot of users may don't care about backups. This will remove a lot of bad mouth on them and also save server resources as they don't have to save secret chats forever. I really like telegram for their cool bot-api, instant-view and channels.

It would be good to have a systemd service file

contribute one :)

May not be archivy directly. But for example if the web pages use static assets like google fonts, jquery, they will send external requests thus leaking the presence of the self hosted server. Or may be some javascript plugin that phones home.

I use dropbox for saving import documents/receipts/statements. Being early adopter, have 5GB storage. All I need is a peace of mind that I don't loose important stuff if my computer breaks down or temporarily becomes unavailable. I don't need any other feature. If I had to pay about $10 per year, I would just use it happily. But their minimum plan is >$100. I occasionally use file-requests feature. If it was like pay as you go type, that would be good too. I think reasonable low tier pricing will get them consistent long term revenue.

> Crawling and indexing non-HTTP data sources (Gemini? Man pages? Linux distribution repositories?)

> ⇒ This article is also available on gemini.

Does anyone know what is gemini? I couldn't find relevant results in any of the search engines.

I use xmllint for html and xml. I don't think it supports json

I gave up on jq and use jello[1][2] instead. gron too looks nice.

[1] https://blog.kellybrazil.com/2020/03/25/jello-the-jq-alterna... [2] https://github.com/kellyjonbrazil/jello

I am in the free plan for about two years. I remember reading the terms before I subscribed which clearly stated that they can discontinue the free plan anytime. It is really good plan as I don't have to worry about buying printer ink, always print in high quality color and printed a lot of photos. TBH, it is still really a good plan for $1 per month.

I think the issue that they shouldn't be allowed to use the term "life" and in the fine print clarify that it's explicitly not for "life".

I think it says somewhere life of the printer and most small home printers probably have a life of 2-3 years...

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