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Switzerland has the same concept and we have some of the best professionals coming from apprenticeships, we do 4 years here for some of the more "complicated" fields like chemistry and software developer.

I am a Swiss software developer with the apprenticeship title and I tried to find work abroad (mainly asia). Problem: Around the world that dual education system is unknown or not well recognized and not even respected. Despite that most apprenticeship professionals form Germany, Switzerland and Austria are slightly "better" after finishing their education than most MD graduates!

In early 2014 the president of South Korea came to visit my vocational school in Bern, Switzerland because they may implement the dual education system according to the state news: https://www.news.admin.ch/message/index.html?lang=en&msg-id=...


As underlines mentioned, Switzerland has a similar concept of apprenticeships. The aspect I appreciate most (and as far as I am aware somewhat separates the Swiss system from others) is the permeability between the trade and academic spheres.

The vocational schooling (as discussed in the article) consists of two parts; technical skills and general education. The latter part is divided into two groups: apprentices are required to either complete the mandatory program or invest some extra effort and earn a high school equivalency diploma (Berufsmaturität) at the same time. Students who fail theirs drop to the standard program and continue their apprenticeship.

Upon completion, those who chose to get a Berufsmatur hold the necessary certifications to get into any University of Applied Sciences in their field and pursue a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Access to general Universities is limited to those holding a "proper" Matura, but there even is a one-year program for people with a Berufsmatur to attain a full Matura. Universities again are (to some degree) required to offer part-time programs, so studying and working at the same time is possible.

Finally, students who finished an UAS BSc/MSc are generally admitted to standard Universities. Some terms (between half a semester and a full year of extra classes required) may apply, but there actually is a reasonable path from dropping out of "proper" high school to getting an MSc or possibly even a ScD/PhD.

Just like Tobi I consider myself a kinesthetic learner. School never really piqued my interest, so my performance was lackluster. I went for an apprenticeship instead, combined it with a Berufsmatur, later on with a BSc in Computer Science and as I am now finishing my MLaw in Cybercrime/Information Security, I am barely a year or two older than most of my peers but hold (including the apprenticeship) around a decade of professional experience. (Usually four instead of five days a week, so feel free to subtract a 20% dicsount.)


Depends what sort of apprenticeships a proper Craft apprentice is 4 years and thats seen as a level below the asociate profesional ones.


1. Tested on my normal chrome where I didn't delete any cookies and logged in to my google accounts, and no adblocker running. So plenty of evidence I'm human, with all those cookies from big G.

2. Tested in incognito mode: BAAM: I'm a bot, had to fill out the old captcha!


For me as a Web Analytic Consultant this sounds so wrong:

We track campaigns through campaign-parameters but apps are a blind spot of course, that's nothing new. Relying on the referrer is stupid, most apps don't provide a referrer because they are Apps and not websites! Browsers provide a referrer if you are coming from another site. An App isn't a website, so there's no referrer.

Of course there's no referrer, it's a new browser window! Campaign-Parameters here would also not be very helpful. If the Visitor copies the link not from a guardian.com visit, but after coming to the story through a campaign-URL, he would copy the URL with the campaign parameters and paste it into the app. This would be even more wrong, but happens daily!

We Web Analysts should get used to it: People are becoming aware of privacy more than in the past and we can't always measure everything and everyone. Get over it!


Bot traffic is more likely a bigger culprit for "dark traffic" than people becoming aware of privacy tools.



For me as a Web Analytics Consultant this sounds very wrong:

A fellow Web Analytic Consultant doesn't know how to remove URL string parameters.

Oh wait! That makes me look better in front of clients. Nevermind, carry on.


Install a wall of fire between your garden and the outer world...

Or use an apple, people say rabbits don't attack apples...


Mashups are possible, if you put your apple and carrot device in a mixing device it can probably made compatible in a liquid form...


Depends on the copyright laws in your country, and what will you do, if you grow too much of them at once? Sharing is prohibited in some areas! Be careful!

Maybe someone should invent a subscription based carrot delivery service, or even a flatrate service for carrots, like spotify or netflix.


Is it possible to compile this version of sqlite for ARM and replace it on an Android device to improve performance? Android mainly uses SQLite for internal stuff and allmost all Apps use it...

As stated here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software-hacking/sql...


Most definitely. Download AOSP, overwrite ./external/sqlite/dist with the new version, and build libsqlite.so and deploy on a rooted device (note that Chromium, and the Chrome browser, use their own copy of sqlite).

Having said that, while Android uses sqlite copiously, I doubt this would make a perceptible difference in usage, performance or battery life. It is a 50% improvement by itself, but I doubt sqlite3 usage is even measurable compared to everything else going on in the system.


Yeah, thanks. That was the thing I was looking for.

About your doubts, I'd like to quote the sqlite improvement comment: "Each of these optimizations is unmeasurable on a real-world system (we have to use cachegrind to get repeatable run-times) but if you do enough of them, they add up."

Therefore, I will build this library for my ROM, even though it maybe only gives a 0.02% performance boost, but constantly improving my ROM with those micro-optimizations will probably lead to a 50% boost one day :P


I needed to buy a MacBook Pro 2013 13" retina for live music performances. The 1000$ soundcard has optimized OSX core audio drivers and Win7 drivers.

Danger: Cynical, heavy stereotyping and biasing comment following...

I can work with OSX, nix and Win boxes, no problem, but OSX' interface isn't optimized for simple tasks like cutting and pasting various folders form one to another, where some of them will be overwritten, as there is no merge option and no CTRL+X short cut. Are they nuts? Yeah, I can write a shell script to do it, or I can install XtraFinder and also have Folders on top of Files in lists. But wtf? Is that system designed for idiots and grandmothers? Oh yeah and I love to pay a shtload of money for kinda outdated hardware components... Still some things are cool on OSX. It's snappy, fast and it has a decent shell. The retina display is even usable, when installing the 5$ pupil.io to natively switch resolutions for non-idiots (Actually seeing the resolution as xxx X xxx value instead of Small, Middle, Large)

Enough OS bashing for today.

PS.: Windows sux and *nix as well.


You're complaining that the Finder doesn't work like Windows. Well done, it doesn't. Design choices made decades ago mean that Macs work differently - I find a lot of the differences really frustrating when I use a Windows machine, because I'm used to Macs, but that doesn't mean that Windows is for 'idiots and grandmothers'.

Something not conforming to your personal preferences does not mean that it's only suitable for the hard of thinking.


And I love the fact that the "upgrade path" of Mac users is kind of "buy it, use it until the next gen comes, throw it away". Thats super cool and totally fits into the common starbucks customer, wearing neon colored running shoes while listening music on beats head phones.


Except for the fact that macs maintain their value, so selling your last-gen Mac and upgrading to the new one is pretty cheap, all things considered.


If one can afford it then why not? It's everywhere, not just gadget industry. People buy new models of premium cars when they come out, people buy a new pair of $600 shoes when new collection arrives. Those people don't quite fit to your description of a common Starbucks customer.


Environment anybody? god damn. Do you want to throw away everything when it's still usable, just because it's cool to have the new thing?


I am a Web Analyst and I see a big point here in using google analytics. Are you adding/removing hints based on the through-put rate, average-page-time per each level etc? This would give you bare data on where you need to add/remove hints.


[...]Later this month Nadim Kobeissi will release a beta version of an all-purpose file encryption program called miniLock, a free and open-source browser plugin designed to let even Luddites encrypt and decrypt files with practically uncrackable cryptographic protection in seconds at the HOPE hacker conference in New York.

[...]Despite Cryptocat’s early flaws, miniLock shouldn’t be dismissed, says Matthew Green, a cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University who highlighted previous bugs in Cryptocat and has now also reviewed Kobeissi’s design spec for miniLock. “Nadim gets a lot of crap,” Green says. “But slighting him over things he did years ago is getting to be pretty unfair.” Green is cautiously optimistic about miniLock’s security. “I wouldn’t go out and encrypt NSA documents with it right now,” he says. “But it has a nice and simple cryptographic design, with not a lot of places for it to go wrong…This is one that I actually think will take some review, but could be pretty secure.”



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