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what about openehr [0,1]

it is fairly popular in europe. What is required for federal certification ?

0. https://openehr.org/ 1. https://openehr.org/products_tools/platform/

An optimistic perspective of how despite today's regrettable events, Sama and gdb will start something new and more competition is a good thing : https://x.com/DrJimFan/status/1725916938281627666?s=20

I have a contrarian prediction : Due to pressure from investors and a lawsuit against the openai board, the board will be made to resign and Sama & Greg will return to openai.

Anybody else agree ?

Do we know enough about the org’s charter to reasonably predict that case? Did the board actually do anything wrong?

Or are you thinking it would be a kind of power play from investors to say, “nah, we want it to be profit driven.”

> I have a contrarian prediction : Due to pressure from investors and a lawsuit against the openai board, the board will be made to resign and Sama & Greg will return to openai.

The board is not beholden to any investors. The board is for the non-profit that does not have shareholders, and it fully owns and controls the manager entity that controls the for-profit. The LLC's operating agreement is explicit that it is beholden to the charter and mission of the non-profit, not creating financial gain for the shareholders of the for-profit company.

OpenAI will lose access to MS and the billions required to continue the research as quickly as MS is able to move. The non-profit will continue, but without the resources required to do much, and any scientists who want to have “real world impact” as opposed to “ideological dreams” will move on.

Competition will kill these ideological dreams because the technology has huge commercial and political applications. MS would never have invested had they foreseen these events and OpenAI cannot achieve their mission without access to incredible amounts of capital.

He’s dead Jim, but it’ll take a long time before the corpse stops twitching.

If that's the outcome, I suspect OpenAI will have another wave of resignations as the folks aligned to Sutskever would walk away, too, and take with them their expertise.

The linked github repo was active yesterday and is now returning a 404.

anybody know why ?

non-paywall version : https://archive.md/Edw0k

one related quote i really like is : "it takes a lot of knowledge to realize the extent of your own ignorance" :D

comments like these keep make me coming back to hn :) witty comments ftw !

Thanks for this reminder about Pieter Hintjens. I have been greatly influenced by his writing, including his use of Alice & Bob, in "a protocol for dying" ! So witty, so clever - such a tragic loss.

"“I think we’re at the end of the era where it’s gonna be these giant models, and we’ll make them better in other ways,” Altman said.

He sees size as a false measurement of model quality and compares it to the chip speed races we used to see. “I think there’s been way too much focus on parameter count, maybe parameter count will trend up for sure. But this reminds me a lot of the gigahertz race in chips in the 1990s and 2000s, where everybody was trying to point to a big number,” Altman said.

As he points out, today we have much more powerful chips running our iPhones, yet we have no idea for the most part how fast they are, only that they do the job well. “I think it’s important that what we keep the focus on is rapidly increasing capability. And if there’s some reason that parameter count should decrease over time, or we should have multiple models working together, each of which are smaller, we would do that. What we want to deliver to the world is the most capable and useful and safe models. We are not here to jerk ourselves off about parameter count,” he said."

via https://techcrunch.com/2023/04/14/sam-altman-size-of-llms-wo...

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