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"...I should just give it a go regardless if I'm looking to learn. I would love to learn, I'd class it as a success if it paid for its own hosting and made me more than say $100 a month."

I think you've made up your mind but are just looking for a bump on the right direction. Go do it! You know you want to try. At worst, you learned some new stuff.

Another reason to do it is you will look a lot better to many prospective employers.

>HTML email that was composed and edited in Markdown

I never understood the appeal of markdown. Why would this be beneficial to you?

My first reaction was, "Fifteen, shmifteen! When's that Chromecast support you promised coming?"

In all seriousness, as they say, VLC just opens everything. Thanks for it!

> https://github.com/robUx4/vlc/tree/cc_master_intf_snd2

Should be what you want.

Thanks but to be honest, I am clueless on how to install it or use it on my Ubuntu machine.

12 paragraphs on suicide in Japan and about 2.5 sentences on the lights.

I'll save you the click: They don't really know why the blue lights reduce people's urge to commit suicide, they just do.


I wonder if I have been targeted. I used TOR a few times, once I tried to use it to look at my craigslist ads because I thought the ads I had had been flagged by other people selling the same sort of items I was selling, but CL was altering what I saw based on IP. Turns out CL blocks TOR and it didn't even help me.

I use Ubuntu as my main operating system, I started that just because I thought it was neat. I don't recall searching for Tails, but I've tried probably close to 50 different Linux distros so I wouldn't be surprised if I've visited the site or at least read articles on it. (I count downloading the ISO and booting it up as a VM and clicking around for 20 minutes as trying one.)


Are you an Islamic terrorist? If not, then no - you haven't been targeted. It's a pretty simple check, at least for a first-order approximation.


With my wireless mouse, I was getting anywhere from 37 - 55 years old. Using the touchpad on my laptop, I was getting 50 - 60. Using my keyboard, most often I got "we're not sure you're an actual human being" but sometimes it said I was 18 or 19. The lowest one I had was 241 ms.


How about that! https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10451365


That post didn't catch attention. I wonder why?


I wonder if Github posts catch more attention than web site posts. Funny since in the comments, someone asked for a demo, which is the website I submitted. Oh well.

However, let's not lose focus of the fact that while it's fun to watch them, you really cannot spend these internet points we earn here.


Probably because HN <3s the word library a bit too much.


Yeah, I'm in agreement with previous posters. "Library" + "Github" equals more attention. This is somewhat of a lesson in crafting a headline here.


So you are saying that if an employee tells the public something about an employer that is false, the employer still can't respond to the public with something about the employee that is true?


Great work! Do you have an example site? Is https://tinypressco.github.io/ made with it?

Looks awesome!


Yep! It was indeed. That was using one of the 5 themes, "Hyde".


My fault, I should have read your description further.


This is an excellent way to present images and videos. Also, reading about your work is an inspiration. Thanks!



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