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Such a bad title to a story. "over" means they will never be able to create that streak again.

Disagree. It means that their streak, which had been running for quite a while, has ended. “streak” here is a noun referring to the specific successful launches.

Much like saying a sports team’s 10-game winning streak is over does not mean they will never win 10 games in a row again.

Even if they’re able to, does SpaceX want to keep operating Falcon 9 through 2032 or beyond? I would have thought they’d migrate to Starship by then.

If the target is 300 launches in a row they can do that in under 3 years, so I think it's fully possible they beat it.

That would be a new streak, not the one that just ended. Also this version of the rocket can never get back to 100%.

These are fair points.

I was in Santiago for a month last year. It's a beautiful city and people are very friendly. I could not visit the desert in the north, but have heard wonderful stories about it. I really wish I am able to go there again.

Also, I had no idea Chile is sooo long.

9 years old.


Jeff Bezos of all people worried about environment. Can't believe. Has to be a ulterior motive.

2016 video. Tag please

Good to see this. I hope they have enough time to create something before the big 3 reaching AGI.


This will always be the best example of HN.

Yes, in the sense that it’s someone providing useful and concise feedback on a YC application, which is what the original poster (the Dropbox founder) explicitly asked for.

What part of the feedback was most useful to Dropbox?

* That it didn't solve a problem for Linux users?

* That it ultimately relies on some internet connectivity?

* That it is not very "'viral' or income generating"?

Useful feedback doesn’t mean saying something that will seem insightful 15 years later. Setting the bar so incredibly high just means you’re going to lose out on the majority of feedback, and that’s a net loss for a fledgling project.

The benefit of early and unstructured feedback (like what you can get from a Show HN) is that it prepares the recipient to answer those questions down the road again. That’s why the Dropbox comment qualifies as useful. “Is this viral” sounds silly now, but in 2007 it was a question that the founder undoubtedly faced again and again.

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