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Yes, I am getting this as the page: http://i.imgur.com/Z0E2RVG.jpg

eek. plug in your laptop man!


Link for the lazy: http://i.imgur.com/Z0E2RVG.jpg


Is Reddit doomed already?

Without a radical turnaround, yeah, I think so. It feels very much like Digg did back in the day.

When your userbase is your main asset and you treat them as a given, bad things happen.

Except that reedit had the population before digg crashed. There currently aren't any sizeable alternatives to reedit right now, so the same thing can't possibly happen

It can absolutely happen. The population is primed. The same scenario doesn't have to play out for the end result to be the same.

Digg had some mildly bad policy before their exodus. Reddit policy is failing in a much more dramatic way.

If someone comes out with a viable alternative with, perhaps, one or two notable improvements there is enough froth to push people to a new home.

I personally hope it fragments. The slacktivists and amateur political wonks to one corner with the news, the popular entertainment to the other, and the learners/hobbyists/special interest associations to yet another.

Reddit is the Craigslist of 2015. It is doing too much and it is ready to be picked apart.

When Digg died it was a combination of unpopular policy and a completely broken v4 upgrade that broke the site for weeks.

I am surprised, they have also released for Android.

Link? I thought that was coming in the fall.

http://www.apple.com/music/ and scroll down, or search for Android on the page.

Apple is releasing an app for Android? I don't think that's ever happened before and I'm a bit skeptical.

http://www.apple.com/music/ and search for 'Android'

Skeptical that it will happen or skeptical of the quality?

Sometimes I feel that human beings are tough to please. Once they get what they want, soon it loses its shine. Perhaps it's OK, may be that's what keeps us going. But does that impact our happiness levels? Not sure.

I feel very sad. This is second in a row. The guys up there are short on supplies...

I really did not understand much from the article. What do they exactly want? ELI5 anyone?

Isn't Google ahead of Tesla in self-driving cars?

By a wide margin, but Tesla actually makes cars.

Hasn't Google been moving code to GitHub itself?

Yes. Open source GCP projects are hosted either on github or googlesource.com, an unindexed place for git and codereview. (eg https://go.googlesource.com is where the go language is hosted).

And keep in mind, googlesource.com is not the same service as the one talked about in this article. Not even the same backend.

He is making great progress with tax payer's money.



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