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What was your prep strategy?

If you play any notes within a scale they are guaranteed to sound good together. Note: I'm not an expert, correct me if I'm wrong.

Airbnb used to have a header X-Hi-Airbnb with a hiring manager's email a while ago. I imagine they got rid of it because of the volume of emails.


I remember I checked Hinge API a few years ago and the exposed their users last name. Wonder if this has been fixed by now.

Twitter was the most useful social network for me personally, depending on who you follow you can come across some interesting ideas there.

Yet, after a few months “sober” I wonder if I might be missing out. Is the signal to noise ratio high enough to justify using Twitter these days if you are not a major celebrity and don’t intend to promote something?

The way I see it is that there are actually two Twitters:

* Bad Twitter: is run by Twitter Inc. and tries everything to mess with your feed, turning it into a toxic mess that's designed to clickbait and outrage you. It is disrespectful and domineering in the way the UI is designed and every now and then it slaps you around by introducing a change in the UI that increases the noise in your feed.

* Good Twitter: this is the amazing people you know and don't know who use the social network to connect, create and have fun. It's creative af and makes it easy to discover new minds all around the planet. It's also very kind in that people will try to uplift each other and offer support in more ways I can recall.

What metrics would you consider when it comes to aircraft safety?

Flying on airframes that have been sufficiently validated by regulatory bodies and have a history of not killing passengers.

Plenty of aircraft have a history of crashing. There need to be more metrics, like recent crash history, maintenance routines, even things like financial performance.

Even the best airframe will go down if poorly maintained or their pilots aren't experienced and properly rotated.

How would you define sensitive content? The real challenge here is to train a classifier.

That and the app (or most likely a cloud service) will have insane access level to all sensitive data. Which can be scary.

yeah, sounds like a good way to hand over 'only' the important stuff to our internet overlords.

I leave that as an exercise to the reader. However for something like this I'd rather have false positives.

Except that work visas are virtually impossible to get these days.

Even though it’s extremely promising, I think it’s too early to start learning it, as you won’t be able to use in production for the next couple years because of the lack of backward compatibility.

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