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New York City, NY, USA - Various engineering positions. - Full time.

We're growing our NYC team with open front-end, back-end, devops, UX, and leadership positions. Our stack is mostly LAMP (PHP) with some Python-powered APIs. MySQL, Redis, Solr, Aerospike, and Scala are also in use.

See all the positions and apply here: https://boards.greenhouse.io/refinery29#6048

A bit about the company:

Refinery29, the fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the United States, is a lifestyle platform that delivers nonstop inspiration to help women live a more stylish and creative life. It connects over 21 million monthly visitors and 1.9 million email subscribers with 24/7 programming covering everything from shopping and beauty to wellness and celebrities, giving readers all the tips, tricks, and tools they need to live a more beautiful life — and share it with the world.


It's ABS, the same plastic that some 3-D printers use, so they should be able to just chip it up and feed it right back into the hopper for the molds.


In the transcript of the June 2011 meeting between Schmidt and Assange, Schmidt also makes a reference to 'The Banality of Evil' (http://wikileaks.org/Transcript-Meeting-Assange-Schmidt.html)


> "Instead of the romantic illusion of film, we see the sets and makeup for what they are. The effect is like stepping into a diorama alongside the actors, which is not as pleasant as it might sound… Never bet against innovation, but this debut does not promise great things to come." – C. Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

As a fan of the off-Broadway immersive theater production, Sleep No More, I have "stepped into a diorama alongside the actors" several times in the last year. It is a phenomenal experience.

Artistic expression does not require "romantic illusion", and even if it did, heightening the audiences sense of realism doesn't preclude it. I haven't seen The Hobbit yet, but I welcome the innovation.


You can close the popup after the announcement finishes and watch the excerpt videos, but if you go to the Full Episodes page, there is a notice that full episodes are not currently available.


Interesting. I am able to access the full episodes.


Would love to try it, but wondered if it supported the language(s) I want to use first. I gave up trying to find the list of supported languages. Consider making the text "and 23 other languages" on the home page a link.


I like it. I'm going backpacking tomorrow, and would love to discover new trails.

I had trouble with the signup/login process.

* After I registered, it showed the form again instead of a success message or the homepage.

* So I filled it in again, thinking I'd done something wrong. The error "already taken" that popped in under my email address could be improved "It looks like you've already created an account with that email address, do you want to reset the password?"

* The registration and password reset emails went into the spam.

* When I got my password reset (I guess I fat-fingered it twice on the first signup form) and logged in, I got a login form under the "welcome" message. I hacked the URL to get to the homepage.

Great concept though, and you're off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing what all you do with it.


That might get you an IDE plugin for working with Java VAMPIRE tools for Bayesian statistical analysis of gene expression array data.


Short of reading the source code for the plugin, you can't know for sure. That's why Chrome just warns you that it can access your browsing activity, that's all you can know. You have to decide whether or not you trust the plugin author with that access.

Assuming (a) the plugin can access your data and (b) the plugin can communicate with some external system, there is no way* to either prohibit the plugin from sending your data to that external system or universally detect that it is doign it.

* No technical way. Of course you can use contracts, TOS, & other legal methods.


One advantage to using a multi-seat solution is the same reason virtualization in datacenters works so well. One user isn't going to maximize resource usage at all times, so my spare CPU cycles are available for you when you need to run a bursty CPU-intensive app and vice versa.



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