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(Oil) Painting is a better analogy in some ways, as each project is unique, may have evolving requirements, rework, etc.

And the fact that projects are rarely "done", you just stop working on them at some point (hopefully a "good enough" point)

Mismatches include near total lack of reusability/composability, solo vs group effort, etc.

All analogies are flawed, some are useful.

I think creative writing can also be a good analogy, for the reasons you state and also it seems closer to me since we are authors of the code we write.

Stories can evolve, plots get interwoven and some cut, its never finished until publishing maybe, and even then there can always be sequels.

Anyway, we could do this all day.

Car built with scooter tires... Scooter built with car tires...

Just not seeing it.

When Java was first becoming popular, I recall emphasizing how important it was to use the standard, well-documented, well-tested java.lang.String, rather than a custom String class as had been done in C++. Application domain experts started asking about strings that didn't fit in RAM (documents).

A great, tested component in one domain may require a significant redesign in a domain with other requirements.

Coding is a conceptual art-form, it's not about building a car with scooter tires, it's about upgrading vehicles to get the end result in a workable fashion. Try using spark plugs and pistons to get somewhere!

The real question is, which externalities merit such fees? Chemicals in water? Particulates in air? CO2 in air? Odor? Sunlight? Panorama? Noise? Solitude?

Two concerns:

- You should definitely have imaging done to see if you can identify a cause.

- If you have seizures, you should definitely NOT be driving a car, for your safety and the safety of everyone around you

Please get this checked out immediately...

You're absolutely right, but there's one problem: it's hard to get in for an immediate checkup and there's a good chance he'll forget about scheduling one.

Instead, he should tell a family member or close friend right away. Then they can help him make the proper medical appointments, etc.

When I got home from the hospital after the worst of my seizures, I found the instructions that were given to my mother. She was advised not to permit me to go outside unescorted.

She had put it with my stuff then never mentioned it.

Mom is actually quite an intelligent woman but sometimes she can be a little daft.

GP response to a direct question doesn't seem unreasonable, especially given the prominence of fasting in many religious traditions (judeo-christian-islam, hindu/buddhist, ...)

http://drjohnday.com/do-mormons-live-longer/ includes additional description and links to a UCLA study of "other healthy things" associated with LDS longevity (includes no tobacco, marriage, church attendance, physical activity, moderate BMI, etc.).


...and then the bacteria reverts to previous within a few days of returning to the previous diet. Gut bacteria adapts really rapidly to whatever you're eating, whether you do a "reset" in between or not.


Well, probably, but that is not absolutely certain. Sometimes, after a forest fire, the types of trees that end up dominating are different from the trees that dominated before the fire.


I don't recall seeing much in the way of security vulnerabilities with Java applets until about 2012-2013.

The other issues (slow startup, lack of page integration, unattractive UI) were dominant before that.


The amount of energy required to evaporate water means you need a lot of sunlight (area) to evaporate a relatively small amount of salt water.

You can save a lot of energy by getting some water out of sea water, leaving extra-salty brine, rather than trying to get all the water out, leaving dry salt.


You probably meant a "genteeler" time...


..by adding a correction to the more accurate buoy data, generating a combined dataset that does not match trends in the satellite data, gold-standard terrestrial data, balloon data, or oceanic temperature data.

It also reduces the long-term temperature trend to the pre-1950 trend (i.e., pre-anthropogenic trend).

This is a paper that requires a significant degree of corroboration rather than simple endorsement because of its publication.


Pre-1950 trend? I don't get it. What happened in 1950?


1950 is generally accepted by both AGW skeptics and proponents as a time before which human influence on climate was not discernable. That is, the warming trend before 1950 was natural, not human-caused.

AGW skeptics assert this places a burden of proof on AGW proponents to show that warming since 1950 is beyond what could naturally occur.



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