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before they be drafted, they actaully have to be able to serve in combat roles.. which they now can. This is a recent development in the US.

and to be specific, firefox has used gtk2 for ages

Well, there is a qt port. It’s really nice, but it isn’t really activate anymore.

Currently I use a lot of hacks to get proper file selection dialogs in Firefox, as the GTK dialogs are just horrible to use.

the plugin-container process still links to gtk2 afaik

Yes, Gtk+3 Firefox uses Gtk+2 plugins. Hypothetical Gtk+3 plugins are not supported.

Thanks, that's good to know.

Ah, so they can coexist in such fashion? Before there was some problem with that.

common sense isn't common.

the suggested pricing seems awful low to me. I think the NYT is worth more than that.

weight matters if you're trying to travel light, not just for carrying around.

I'd be interested.

Igalia is sorta close http://www.igalia.com/about-us/

I'm glad I didn't have a gun when I was mugged by a person with a gun pointed at my chest. One of us would have probably been dead.


I'd love to work on that kinda thing, but I still gotta eat!


people think your "keeping it real" is total BS, thus the downvotes.



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