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Das Keyboard Model S Professional Wired Mechanical Keyboard


It was the only mechanical keyboard I could find that fit the following requirements:

* no fancy RGB lights * full 101+ keyboard - meaning it has a numpad on the right

Das Keyboard for me too. I have two UK layout keyboards, one for the office and one for home.

The lack of RGB lights was a huge plus point!

> Does [mixing the syntax] happen to you too?

Yes. I switch between Java and JavaScript/TypeScript frequently. Probably the biggest syntax typo I make is switching the arrow functions: -> vs =>. Also, switching between the various `.includes`, `.contains`, `.size`, and `.length`.

Since my IDE catches it immediately, it doesn't really have any long-term affects.

I switch between Java, go, Ruby, python, and js. And yes I'm a mess. The worst is which versions of "strip" vs "trim" each language uses to remove white space from the sides of strings.

I dread the next time I have to interview because I'm going to look silly, accidentally adding or removing semicolons and parens around if statements and etc.

Honestly aside from those, I don't notice it too much and there's kind of a muscle memory for it eventually where the switching becomes mostly unconscious.

String manipulation and those damn strconv Itoa funcs in go are what kill me. I have to look that up every time and feel a complete idiot for it!

that still doesn't explain what language you're switching from where 'affects' is used like that

*affects* (noun)

- a set of observable manifestations of an experienced emotion : the facial expressions, gestures, postures, vocal intonations, etc., that typically accompany an emotion

- the conscious emotion that occurs in reaction to a thought or experience

I suppose the IDE doesn't show any emotion from these context switching hiccups.

This is what I use, too. It's a bit manual as you have to fill out the forms yourself and read the instructions.

But I also like filling out forms.

It may not be for everyone.

I've recently discovered `git switch -` and `git merge -`. It switches to the previous branch you were on or merges the previous branch you were own.

No need to know the name.

So if I need to pull updates on the previous branch I was on and merge them into my current branch, I can just:

    git switch -
    git pull
    git switch -
    git merge -

For those who may not know, `cd -` brings you to the previous directory.

Unfamiliar with 'switch'; i do 'git checkout -' all the time to toggle back and forth

Am I the only one who uses Outlook to read RSS feeds?

It's a bit awkward to set up, but it works fine.

> it's also a non-negotiable requirement since I have to drop off and pick up my child from school/aftercare.

while my commute wouldn't be anywhere near 3 hours (I live in the midwest, SW Ohio), that pretty much the same for me.

I have to drop my kids off no earlier than 8am and pick them up no earlier than 5pm. there is some wiggle room in terms of minutes, but not enough for a place that would want me to be there 8am to 5pm.

Thank you.

I was concerned that the modem might not be the bottleneck, but now I think it is.

> There’s no such thing as a “four-digit number”, only a four-digit base-10 numeral

Being further pedantic - aren't all digits base ten? I thought that was part of the definition of digit.

Other bases would have different words for their numbers - bit in binary, for example (which, yeah, I know, it a combination of the words "binary" and "digit").

If you really want to be pedantic, you say that every base is base 10 :) (in its own representation)

> Other bases would have different words for their numbers - bit in binary, for example

Do we have another example? I don't think there are special terms for "octal digits" or "hexadecimal digits".

> Being further pedantic - aren't all digits base ten? I thought that was part of the definition of digit.

We call computer circuits "digital" even though they work in base 2.

Regardless of the word's origin, digits are simply the symbols in a positional number system: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numerical_digit

Do you mean darkweb?

Deepweb is just the parts of the web that aren't indexable or searchable - like your bank account login. There are lots of social networks that could be considered deepweb, including parts of Facebook. I think Discord might be deepweb as well.

Darkweb is a subset of deepweb that is typically served via tor/onion. Facebook even as a darkweb address. It's been awhile since I played with it, but there's several chans on there.

It's slow and boring though.

Could you give me an address for these chats?

the constantly come and go, plus I really don't want to go onto the darkweb right now.

you can try searching for tor chan links or tor forum links and you might get some.


It's a Jekyll blog using Github pages.

The domain is through Google, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with that soon.

Your post was dead, as are all your comments and submissions it seems. Since I didn't find any reason for that from a cursory look, I've vouched here. Maybe ask dang why and how to avoid that?

The only reliable way to do that is to email hn@ycombinator.com. Fortunately someone did, and I've fixed the problem.

The account was banned by a naughty spam filter, completely incorrectly. I've terminated that spam filter and restored the account and all its posts. Sorry joehx2 - you did nothing wrong!

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