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I think there is a theory that we can travel nearly the speed of light , but yeah even then we are a millennia away :(

If you could accelerate at 1g, you could reach it in 7 years, in your reference frame.

Wait for the observer... isnt it.... 1800 / 17.... 100 years.

So that means, a baby could reach the exoplanet, before it dies of old age, on a spaceship travelling 99% the speed of light, which can theoretically built right now.

How did you arrive at your calculation of 7 years?


I eyeballed it from here[1], which I should have just linked with my post.

[1] http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/Relativity/SR/rocket.h...

How did you take this screenshot? Thanks

In Firefox press Shift+F2, then type "screenshot --fullpage" in the command line at the bottom of the page. No addon, plugin or extension needed.

Wow! Thanks

I'm not sure how jd3 did it but I use a Chrome extension. If you just google full page screenshot Chrome you will see several options. There are also choices for Firefox as well. Here is the one I use on Chrome:


hello! I used screengrab on SeaMonkey ;)


If I was at the same stage as they were at this time. How would I have contacted these investors - or similar ones?

I have no idea how to start the process of asking VCs for a small sum in return for a share of the company.

I would really appreciate and answer.

Thank you.


The "traditional" answer is to identify the VCs you're interested in, and network your way into an introduction if you don't know them yourself. Accelerator programs can also be a way to become involved.

Have a clear, clean pitch deck. Know your unique value proposition, understand your competition, be able to demonstrate that there's a market and that it's significant. Show traction, team, and ability to execute.


I built http://www.sagebump.com

It brings across and merges your sub reddit preferences, slashdot feeds & stackoverlfow feeds.

It then removes bias, ranks and merges the articles together.

I mentioned it on reddit but got absolutely no traction.

I think it might have been because you don't post directly on the site.

I can do that but it was meant to act as a tool to merge accounts rather than enable native posting.

Anyway, if anyone likes what they see and want to help me either develop it or get it exposure, then I am happy to collaborate. Whether it be a co-founder or investor.


I like this a lot. Some feedback:

- Can you remember that I've visited so I don't need to see the intro again?

- The intro does a pretty poor job of explaining what the site is. Even just a header saying "Sagebump: Aggregated social news feeds"

- Do the filters work in Settings? Also the word filter is ambiguous here; I'm not sure if I'm filtering in or out.


Hi, yes the pop up was a quick hack yesterday I will add this on.

I will add your header - thank you !

The filters do work - I may need to double check them incase I broke them !

Thank you for taking the time to look at it and for your feedback .


I like it great stuff!


SnowCrash had an awesome ending!

Man if only he had picked me to build a game with him maybe stuff would have gone better


Thanks! That will help me get motivated to finish it. I really enjoyed most of it so far.


Thank you


I waited months to watch this and read your spoiler. I don't think your comment has added any benefit to mankind.


Exactly. How would interactions between animals occur across multiple players instances if they are relying on seed based synchronicity?


Can someone explain to me how Uber took off? Why did a company like it exist 5 years ago?


They took on an industry in which existing players were poorly serving consumers and have been providing a good product. Other potential competitors avoided the market due to the regulatory environment in the industry. Uber dealt with this by stating that they are exempt from the existing regulations.


Travis said they tried it 6 months earlier and the battery life of the current gen phones couldn't handle what was required, even while plugged in.

Only one of the reasons however.


Thank you for the insight =]



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