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I agree the part about being able to handle stressful situations in life. I think this particular part of life is something I've developed an irrational fear for. I realize I have to get over it or learn to deal with it well.

I said I could do well at Google after seeing some middle-of-the-road friends from college and grad school get in by sheer weight of preparing hard for the interview. They are doing just fine over there.

I don't even need Google crutches. In fact, since I have been coding in C (6+ years now), I can count on one hand the number of times I've looked up things on Google. It is just that I get flustered when told to write code in an interview with the interviewer watching over my shoulder. Give me a terminal and I could probably do it quickly. Or for that matter when I don't know the answer to some trivia-type question and in that instant, I feel like a loser for not knowing something.

It is this part that I realize my weakness is in and that I need to work on.


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