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JPC seems to have moved to GitHub:



Ok, url changed from http://jpc.sourceforge.net/home_home.html.


More info in this paper: "Helium: Lifting High-Performance Stencil Kernels from Stripped x86 Binaries to Halide DSL Code" [0]

[0] http://groups.csail.mit.edu/commit/papers/2015/mendis-pldi15...


Someone archived the code on GitHub:



Vim integration is also available: Zeavim [1]

[1] https://github.com/KabbAmine/zeavim.vim#zeavim---zeal-for-vi...


An interesting presentation about the development process: "Creating a language using only assembly language" [1]

[1] https://speakerdeck.com/nineties/creating-a-language-using-o...


Quoting Herb Sutter, "AAA Style (Almost Always Auto)":

"Guideline: Remember that preferring auto variables is motivated primarily by correctness, performance, maintainability, and robustness—and only lastly about typing convenience." [1]



> correctness, performance, maintainability, and robustness

What? I want whatever he is smoking.

> correctness

C++ allows for casting to/from different types (the core behind polymorphism) - but if you cast to the wrong type then that's your own fault. If you want a warm fuzzy feeling of not worrying about bad casts - use Python/Go/FreeBASIC/some other language.

> performance

That is complete and utter delusion. Your program won't run any faster or optimize better because you used the auto keyword [1]. If anything - it will take even longer (ms longer) to compile.

> maintainability

I have an odd feeling about that. Yeah you can change the return type of a method or function and you don't have to worry about changing the code calling those methods/functions. But if you are changing to a vastly different type - you are going to have to change the calling code anyways.

> robustness

I don't want the compiler to fix my mistakes. I want the compiler to tell me how stupid I am and force me to fix them.

[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19618759/c-11-auto-compil...


auto variables are different from trailing return types introduced by auto (a particularly egregious appropriation of a keyword for a totally different use).


> a particularly egregious appropriation of a keyword for a totally different use

Which seems to be an often case in C++, class and class/typename comes to my mind. Also, old auto use was removed to the new set of meaning right?


Old auto was completely removed.


CppCast [0] is a pretty good C++-focused podcast. Starts with a summary of recent C++ news (and related topics), followed by an interview with excellent guests (usually luminaries from the C++ community).

[0] http://cppcast.com/


I really want to like that show, and Jason Turner is a really good host, but Rob Irving always sounds so confused. :(


Gah! I really wish the HN submission feature could borrow some ideas from Stack Overflow's duplicate question detection.

(FWIW, the full title is "An Efficiency Comparison of Document Preparation Systems Used in Academic Research and Development", which is too long for HN, so the previous submission also changed it.)


We're planning to work on better duplicate detection in the new year.


I like how it works now organically. If the discussion was broadly seen, there won't be any up vote interest, and if not, then it clearly hasn't taken its course.


We like that too, and it's by design. A story that hasn't been broadly seen won't count as a duplicate in the new system either.


When it comes to Norway, be aware that the Government has proposed the introduction of tuition fees for international students outside the EU / EEA despite a unanimous Parliament that said no to this under a year ago. [0]

[0] http://isu-norway.no/blog/


Same goes for Finland, just today the government announced plans to introduce 4,000 €/year tuition fee for non-EU (EEA) citizens starting from 2016: http://yle.fi/uutiset/tuition_fees_planned_for_non-eea_stude...


I'm running Eclipse and the emulator on a 4 year old Mac Pro. Initial startup time for the emulator is about 20 seconds, but after that first hit has been absorbed, it generally takes about 8-10 seconds whenever I run a new build of the app I'm developing. (This is with HAXM [0] enabled. Still far too slow, so pretty much everybody does their development on actual Android devices, but far from the times reported in this thread.)

[0] https://software.intel.com/en-us/android/articles/intel-hard...



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