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GitHub already caches into a CDN, so it just takes once.


Thank you! That's why I'll use React, too.


I already use it, but the last update with "Latest" and "Popular" switches made me a little confused. When I press "latest" button, does it switches to latests or already showing the latests? Maybe a slider switch instead of toggle switch would be more clear.

Also, as a non-designer user, I'd like to use designs section to see 9gag items :)

So, It's a great, every-day-use tool for me :)


Hi all,

I tried to make a very simple jQuery based framework. When I saw Atom's "class View extends jQuery" code, it's flashed my mind. Views are actually DOM objects, and jQuery is not that bad about it. So, what if we can use jQuery to manage logic? I know, lots of people already do this but I mean in a cleaner way.

So first, I reached out to Space-Pen which is a framework by GitHub. But it was a little opinionated. I just want "dead-simple" thing and built this one as an experimental project.

So, what do you think? :)


Do you mean the page on header?


Is NodeJS "like V8" or "on V8"?


neither. It just uses v8 to execute the interpreter output which is still javascript code.

V8 converts javascript to machine code, and node.js basically acts as a middle man to add functionality to javascript like "event driven programming" which can't be implemented through a basic framework.


Are you sure? v8 itself is already event-driven. If not, Chrome wouldn't work event-driven.


Yes Chrome is event driven, but Chrome is a sandbox which limits your I/O capabilities. Node.js on the other hand, is obviusly not a browser, so you can actually do I/Os with the system not only the sandbox.


Why not TypeScript?


Guys, this is Fatih, one of the co-curators of the conference! codeFront.io is a front-end based web development conference located in Linz, Austria. Limited Early Bird tickets are open now!

We hope you'll like the speakers, talks and all the atmosphere.

You can visit the conference page for details.

Please inform us for problems or any requests, we'll take care of them!


Hi folks!

I'm from Python Istanbul community. One of our leading members (@emre at github) build a python package named "lama" which actually does the same thing with Droplr's screen sharing part, using Imgur.

Since Droplr started to take money from the base plan Lama is a very close alternative to it. And it's free in all meanings. Written in Python and you can install it using PIP.

I created the http://github.com/f/lamahelper. It's a mac client for Lama. I'm not a Cocoa guy; if you want to improve it feel free to contribute :)

Sure, you won't have lots of features of Droplr; like custom domain or custom logo. Or sharing text, etc. But it's one of the best alternatives in screenshot sharing. :)

Hope you'll like, and thank you github.com/emre for this useful tool :)


Thanks for your kind review. The standard one makes the codebase some spagetti and I've decided to improve the default client. It already uses the original one at background, just covers it. You can still use the standard one, but you also can use this one at the same time; It makes your code more readable. I think. Thanks for your comment :)



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