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A question for the developers: Does this support time series data?


jaybaxter 131 days ago | link

The answer is both yes and no. In principle, longitudinal/panel data can be run through BayesDB, though BayesDB would have to infer the temporal structure. Also, we've toyed a little with forecasting by making a table where each row is a sliding window.

That said, BayesDB is really about the classic multivariate statistics setting: each row is a sample from some population. We think that a streaming Bayesian database, that models sequences of timestamped UPDATEs to a DB (and with FORECAST in addition to INFER) is an interesting, distinct project that we've done a little work on.

Contact us if you're interested in this kind of data and we'd be happy to talk more.


Or if you'd like an open-source alternative, deployable on Google App Engine, Twilio has produced this: http://www.stashboard.org/


patrickod 204 days ago | link

That domain isn't active and is in the process of being auctioned. Typo perhaps?


drewda 204 days ago | link

You're right. I just fixed the URL.


I've been a regular user of Mendeley, not for recommendations--that's what journal TOC alert services are for--but just for managing my bibliographies and preprint PDFs. I'm allergic to Endnote and I got tired of Zotero's sluggish speed (not that I've tried using it in a few years). Mendeley has been a nice replacement.

(All that said, I really do hope Zotero does well, since it's open-source and not owned by a major commercial publisher.)


c.f. O'Reilly as "The Meme Hustler" (in the words of Evgeny Morozov): http://www.thebaffler.com/past/the_meme_hustler


selimthegrim 214 days ago | link

Jaron Lanier makes the case a bit better.


aridiculous 214 days ago | link

I'm not sure Lanier goes after O'Reilly as strongly and directly.

Morozov's article is a complete roast of O'Reilly. Though certainly entertaining in style, the real gem of the The Meme Hustler is Morozov's basic theory of PR: Those who control the "discourse" (the words and phrases used to describe and name new phenomena in books, magazines, blogs, newspapers) have incredible influence across industries — especially when there's little opposition. As a niche publisher in the esoteric (but simultaneously important) field of bits and bytes, O'Reilly has capitalized on this and has faced little criticism from other industries.

Politicians and Fortune 500 CEO's face pushback to their BS all the time, sometimes initially led by Critical Studies departments. This Baffler article was one of the the few times I've seen a technologist explicitly called on his ideology (beyond the profit motive).

I suspect Mr. O'Reilly wasn't too pleased about it.


Like the teaser ads leading up to a reality TV show's new season, this confessional "tell all" is probably part of the promotional rollout of O'Reilly's new conference series: http://cultivatecon.com/cultivate2013


thu 214 days ago | link

This is a well-written and articulated article. It is as much a teaser ad as picking 3 chapters out of 15 of a consistently good book and making them available for free. I mean that, even if making them available for free is part of the promotional plan, writing them was genuinely done for the content.

Edit: Another way to look at it: Don't you get value out of it by reading it even if you don't attend the conference ?


drewda 255 days ago | link | parent | on: Gist meets GeoJSON

Should work very nicely with http://geojson.io/ which is already set up to save to gists.


Oompa 255 days ago | link

Yup! Its even linked to in the blog post.


The HCI researcher Bill Buxton has a quite comprehensive run-down titled "Multi-Touch Systems that I Have Known and Loved ": http://www.billbuxton.com/multitouchOverview.html


Do you mean http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/sftp ?

I hope Will Bond makes some money from that, given all the time (and hosting expenses) he puts in for the indispensable Sublime Package Control: http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control


You can almost run rvm and rbenv in parallel by installing them under separate system users.

That's how I handle having some clients who use one and some that use the other.


drewda 309 days ago | link | parent | on: There's a map for that

I know you're just trying to make a metaphorical comparison with railroads, but the story isn't that simple.

In the U.S., intercity railroads found they could make more money by focusing on freight and leaving passengers to poor Amtrak. If Warren Buffet's acquisition of BNSF is any indication, the private railroads are quite profitable.

The decline of intracity passenger rail in the U.S. has many causes (massive public investment in the Interstate highway system for one). Still, it's worth remembering that auto companies played an active role in acquiring and disassembling streetcar lines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_streetcar_conspi...



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