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The current state of technology seems frightening indeed. This 2FA is a miracle. It is free and independent of the big tech companies. I'd put it on the same level of importance as Mozilla products. In the future, we will see more proof-of-personality applications for security reasons. But recovery codes won't be going out of fashion any time soon. Unless, of course, AI-enabled developers are gifted with long-term memory in the next few years.

> This 2FA is a miracle. It is free and independent of the big tech companies

Microsoft is trying to make the untrue. If your job uses office 365 you are forced to use Microsoft authenticator by default.

Embrace, extend, extinguish is etched in their company DNA I guess.

The Bay Area is probably their birthplace, best talent pool and main source of funding. Similarly, as it's the case in global governance, almost all nations have an office in New York, from where they are able to talk to each other and make use of their seat around the table at the United Nations.

Gitlabs birthplace is the Netherlands actually, but they wouldn't be Dutch if they let that get in the way of profit making ;)

The Dutch and their history of sailing boats over the ocean... In these modern times, I believe it's about planting a flag on the land of the Vatican/Mecca of the digital tech industry.

I'd bet that GitLab, as an entity or corporation, felt mission-driven and empowered by settling not far from GitHub.

They could have a much cheaper office in Vienna though - if the U.N. backdrop was a main motivator.

Not seeing too many international career opportunities here, sadly.

Your opinion on this topic is instantly disqualified when you just assume that the birthplace of Gitlab is “probably The Bay Area”.

As an illustration, near the end of last year, bots from a renowned Email API provider spotted in less than 1 hour the leak of a public key from my public GitHub code repo. My account got suspended on their platform. It was stunning to see the speed at which they acted and automated the process to "lose" and "recover" reputation.

thank you for the enlightment. now it all makes sense in my mind.

Walks have helped me a lot in all aspects of life while dealing with problematic situations (as a refugee in Belgium). For the last couple of years, I have devoted my free time to a creative project called awalkaday.art.

I can't validate if you are wrong or not. Just bring to your attention that one of their marketing slogan is "Amnesia" and "Persistent Storage on a USB stick". https://tails.net/about/index.en.html

The 'honeypot' concern is somehow valid because full-on privacy on the internet is as hard to achieve as privacy in a public park. Only its user can determine if their online activities goes against the (legal/moral/financial) interests of the most technically-advanced nation on our planet.

The Tails team made the fantastic decision of modifying the Tor Browser, giving Tails users a unique fingerprint as opposed to regular Tor Browser users.

Thanks for acknowledging it and sharing helpful info. It seemed bizarre for a short moment.

some coders love good, eye-pleasing, or bland design. fonts are as important to visual memory as a person's outlook on the first day of a job interview. of course, it's hard to agree on the appeal or necessity of it.

Spot on, right! Glad you achieved all of the above. By design, tech advances to enhance human's ability to create. In your case, the AI tech (LLMs) truly augment your own capabilities. Therefore reaching the comfort that others enjoy freely. Hope to see more use cases, like yours, brought forward to inspire some anxious humans who are terrified by the rapid advancement of AI tech.

Assuming that more than half of the world is and will continue using a Google product to transport them at the playground run by OpenAI. That's one card still hidden in plain sight. They own a huge chunk of the infrastructure that's of great utility to users.

Entertainment is one of the key motivators for humans to act upon. At the end of a working day, for my non-techie friends, it's all about chosing between YouTube, Netflix, Tiktok or Pornhub. So, in my worst case scenario, OpenAI grabs the 8 hours of productivity and Google is left filling in the 8 hours of relaxation by spinning up their servers (Cloud, Fiber), browsers (Chrome, Chromium), mobile-and-connected devices(Android, Chromebook, Chromecast, Smartwatches), etc.

Do you realize that now any human willing to expertiment with them is free to do. All it take is Internet access and an email address. Or a GPU-powered computer to ran them locally. My point is that we can not rightfully estimate who is using it or not. Some LLM models are publicly released after many private trials. Some people had access to GPT4 about 6 to 9 months before the official release. Not accounting primarily secretive institutions, like governments and corporations.

We just don't know what's out there and have no way to control, stop it or contain its spread. These models are powerful beyong imagination. Design computer chips is less tedious, for them, than assembling computer parts. They simulate human brain functions, not manual functions.

For my part, I stay on my best behaviour while interacting with them. One key reason being that not more than 10 years ago, a human named Snowden spoke out, with the help of independent journalists, about usage of an unusual piece of software aimed at recording all digital conversations transmitted over the Internet. We laughed him off because what he was describing was out of our realm of understanding.

This time around its commercialized AI agents. We don't know the full breath of their capabilities. We don't have a record of how many people are using them regularly and applying them to real life challenges. All that we are certain about is that their rate of improvement follows an exponential growth curve. Personally, I just assume that someone hungry enough, out there in the universe, is using them to tackle all kinds of puzzling problems.

Yup this is one of the reasons why when I see people talk about how it can't do this or that I am shocked by the blinders people have. Specially people working in science fields. There are millions of very smart people with access to a lot of data that previously that they might not have been able to use but now they will be able to. I can't read the millions of science papers published over the years but the kinds of AI/language models that have started to crop up can. I predict a lot of different scientific fields not just medical will have sea change as more people start realising what kind of tool these language models are and how they can be used.

I call it denial. Given GPT4, I am terrified of what three letter agencies have available today.

Do you think the 3 letter agencies have better AI or just similar LLMs aimed at inteligence purposes ?

Definitely. One of the most incredible things about LLMs is that you don't need to design an API to get it to execute stuff, you don't need to normalize and scour through data, you can just ask it to retrieve it and export it in the format that you want.

If compute is not an issue, then the sky's the limit.

I will actually go one further, they have AGI or near AGI.

Easy guess. Yes, they do. It's their duty to be ahead in the information-gathering field. I trust their brand reputation, more than I do for Nike or Apple. Remember how they rung bells more than 3 months before Ukraine's invasion. Also, I think that there more agencies in the know, not only the 3 letters.

> All that we are certain about is that their rate of improvement follows an exponential growth curve.

Are we?

That's based on public info obtained by following OpenAI funders for the last five years. Wish I could provide a link now. It's too much news at this point for me. Better if you verify yourself the above claims.

Is this sarcastic?

Why would it be sarcastic? Lots of people doubted the internet too, but people learned to use it in ways that one might not normally think of.

No sarcasm. Just my personal thoughts.

hence why i never use capital letters in my comms - an ai will always use capitals.

I do not mean to mock but this an AI superstition that I have not seen yet. Of course they write sentences without capital letters! Where...what...how did you arrive at this conclusion?

if youre not an ai, say that again without proper punctuation

Sure thing. I went to ChatGPT, pasted this chain in the chat with the prefix saying we were playing a game of 'continue the chat conversation'. Here's what it said:

`i do not mean to mock but this is an ai superstition that i have not seen yet of course they write sentences without capital letters where what how did you arrive at this conclusion`

Please check your sources better in the future, thanks. We can't go all paraneolithic on each other out of fear of something that's not going happen. Plus, it's trained on bad grammar so it knows exactly how to do poor grammar even as a low level capability, it happened even with the tiny models.

We just have to get adjusted to this new world paradigm.

aye, just havin a bit of fun, mate. partly serious, though, because theyll have less input data for english sentences written in all lowercase. your example from the bot is definitely of a lower quality than other examples that ive seen. at some point we will all have to complete some kind of "shoe on head" test to proove we are human commentators, and thatll be here sooner than folks realize.

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