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That looks great! I‘ve been playing around with Aframe and OSM building footprints, but this looks so much better. Will have a look at aframe-loader-3dtiles-component.

Yes, I was missing a mention of that in the blog post and maybe a brief discussion why to do the manual setup instead.

Indeed. The post even mentions `raspi-config`, but doesn't mention `Performance Options | Overlay File System`. Makes me think that the author isn't aware of the option at all.

(The same way undoes read-only mode, but two reboots will be required instead of one.)

It is a puzzling omission.

I always wanted something similar for my city and started with the local cinema program but then never added any other sources. It was still useful for the 10 or so years it was online, and I still think about getting back to it.

That said, while the idea seems promising, it‘s difficult to maintain, especially since sources (APIs / websites) tend to change frequently. If I remember correctly, pg even mentions this idea in one of his essays as a typical “bad idea“ that founders want to build but nobody figures it out as a business.

FYI some of the linked jobs give "The job you are looking for is no longer open.", e.g. Senior Software Engineer - Back End in Portugal

You can specify the apps and domains that screentime tracks. I have set a daily time limit for social media and certain domains like news sites and hn but don‘t include maps, mail or messengers

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