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> He is not struggling for words, or thinking hard, as even bright, articulate whistleblowers under stress will do. Rather he appears to be transmitting whole paragraphs smoothly, without stumbling.

When I watched this, the assumption I made was that he was carefully prepared to take on this massive endeavour – better to be prepared for the consequences and media than to foil the effort.

But, really, we have no fucking idea.


I am so confused as to how you came to all these conclusions. To me, it seemed pretty clear that he wants to develop things, and to program as his job, rather than run a business.

"without doing much of the kind of work I actually enjoy."


You seem to be saying the same things as I did. My point was that is very unusual for a small business owner, to sell a profitable business because it's not taking up enough of your time.


I guess ultimately, Marco's just a good guy.

Under him The Magazine as a product probably would stagnate like Instapaper did. Then he would have sold it anyway.

And, advisory role usually means a decent chunk of shares too. With what Glenn have in mind, this might be a smart financial step.


The reason a lot of people want that is they want a passive income to give them security.

Given the success of instapaper and the fact he'll have done fine out of Tumblr, I suspect Marco has no need for that and would rather devote his time and attention (something can be distracting even while taking little actual time) to something he'd be happier doing.


Definitely interesting, but would love to see some results other than leafy greens and basil. From what I know (farmed in Vancouver, BC) neither have much disease pressure, nor require much manual attention.

If an initial goal is to increase local produce for winter months in cooler climates (than California) then seeing tomatoes, summer squash, and fruits seems necessary. I think berries could be confined to the small space, but what about fruit trees? I personally store (preserve or freeze) berries and peaches to have in winter.

Kale and other leafy's can be over-wintered with much cheaper (to build and operate) green or hoop houses – at least in the pacific northwest.

I understand they are in the MVP kinda stage, but to me, to see any potential value I would need to know if fruit, tomatoes, summer squash can be done in winter, as those require more heat, more sun, and have higher disease pressure.


Typescript is a superset of JavaScript, while Dart separate language that comes with a dart2js compiler. Not really the same.

More so, Dart has it's own VM.


For any Extension developers, there are some workarounds to avoid asking for the "tabs" permission.

If you just need to know when a tab is visible for your content scripts to do things, use the Page Visibility API[1].

If you want your Extensions background scripts to notify all content scripts of something, you can rely on `chrome.storage.onChanged` event. The storage API does not warn users about permissions[2]

If anyone's interested in code samples, I could through some snippets in a gist.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2011/WD-page-visibility-20110602/#sec-p... [2] http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/permission_warnings.h...


Apple really is leading the way with accessibility. A family member, also sided with an iPhone over a visually-impaired-targeted phone.

Moreover, they prefer OSX's built-in accessibility features over JAWS and similar software available for Windows.


for the "uncultured": Blame Canada! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOzG7bBylRo


Thanks for that. Maybe he doesn't want uncultured people subscribing via email. If so, it's working :)


A little related: If anyone is interested I've been working on a WYSI-Markdown editor. http://draftbin.com/c3993540679e0a1af4e5704a208b60ceb46d20dc...

Haven't gotten around to a github repo or fixing some pretty annoying bugs. But, there it is.


I agree that Windows lacks a good shell. But Git is easy under Windows7 and Powershell. It's the one of the few tools that was easily installed and usable under Windows. (Though Rails and Node have joined the ranks recently).


It may be of interest to some: As food costs have come down in US so have some important nutrients in fruit & veggies.

Eating Your Veggies: Not As Good For You? http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1880145,00.ht...


Changes in USDA Food Composition Data for 43 Garden Crops, 1950 to 1999 http://www.jacn.org/content/23/6/669.full

Which concludes: "We suggest that any real declines are generally most easily explained by changes in cultivated varieties between 1950 and 1999, in which there may be trade-offs between yield and nutrient content."



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