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Referrals are vetted by global teams who are just checking boxes - it's very common to have to reach out to the recruiter for the role directly to resurrect a rejected referral.

Also useful, cloud forecasts with the eclipse path: https://www.pivotalweather.com/eclipse2024/?m=srefens&p=clou...

Looking at 'Cloud Thickness' it would seem there are very few places in N. America where the eclipse will be unobstructed. Am I reading that right?

I think blue is more-obstructed. Which is a really confusing choice.

Thank you, I was so confused. Why in the world would they use “blue = more cloud coverage, white/gray = less”?

For the Freestyle Libre 3, you can use it without an account. That does not mean that Abbott is not still sending your readings to the cloud, but at least your name is not attached to it.

It takes some work, but you can "liberate" your data from the app without the cloud account: https://frdmtoplay.com/freeing-glucose-data-from-the-freesty...

> it sounds like they are grooming a generation of super-micromanaging executives

My read from the linked example was the Director built a tool outside of the critical path that was a quality of life (performance) improvement. This is a prime example of code that leaders should be writing - the team isn’t blocked by them, they can put it down at any time, they maintain familiarity with the tools and codebase (both the good and the bad), and if it lands then the team is uplifted.

A leader should know how to influence his org within a 3 minute conversation to do this. The fact he stopped his Director of AI work to do this means their org is broken - or worse they have no influence over it

> if there were at least a commonly agreed base framework of concepts and ways to do and especially to name things

All of the above exist, the International Software Testing Qualification Board is one of the entities offering certifications in this: https://www.istqb.org/

ISTQB/ASTQB's definitions and teachings aren't commonly agreed on by the testing profession, at least in North America, and their certification isn't seen as being of any particular value. I hear they're held in higher regard in Europe and elsewhere.

A lot of people took it so they could put it on their CV/resume and get past the job filters, consultancies got their testers to do it so they could get past client filters ( from my experience when I was working in the UK)

> Good luck finding a chip not fried in safflower or sunflower oil in 2023.

This is a project that isn't quite ready for prime time, but it is turning up some options: https://labelferret.com/?search=chip+-%22sunflower%22+%2Bpot...

But your point still stands - the impossibility of finding food with ingredients I wanted to eat led to me creating Label Ferret.

The sunflower oil stuff is shifting a bit due to the war in Ukraine, which is one of the largest producers in the world.


Now this! THIS is one of the coolest projects I've seen in a while! Why did instacart never build anything this useful? I'd give anything to be able to filter my grocery store's shelves with something like this.

This page is very well designed! I really like that it puts the focus on text arrangement, font sizes and the strength of border lines around the cells and whole tables. Looks very pleasing.

When moving from 5->4 the w sliders are [0,0,0.5,1,0,0].

When moving from 4->3 they become [0,0,1].

When moving from 3->4 they become [0,0,0,1,0,0].

Clicking 'reset' or manually changing the w slider to [0,0,0.5,1,0,0] results in the expected animation.

Might seem counter intuitive but that's the intended behavior. Instead of looking at the order of values think of it as the angular velocity state associated with a rotation plane. Worth noting that q1q4, for example, refers to the rotation plane of the 1st and 4th dimensions.

5: q1q4 = 0.5, q2q3 = 1.0, rest = 0.0 5->4: q1q4 = 0.5, q2q3 = 1.0, rest = 0.0 4->3: We no longer have the q1q4 plane available therefore q2q3 = 1.0, rest = 0.0 3->4: Now we have the q1q4 plane back but the state has been cleared from previous interactions Going to a lower dimension essentially deletes previously set state of higher dimensional planes because they don't exist at that point.

When resetting it just goes back to the default configuration.

This makes sense. Please excuse my post!

No problem! I'm glad it cleared your doubts.

> Also no bundled cryptocurrency.[1]

It seems like Session relies on Oxen's network, so while there is no inherent coin it is blockchain backed.

> Session’s onion routing system, known as onion requests, uses Oxen‘s network of Oxen Service Nodes, which also power the $OXEN cryptocurrency. Check out Oxen.io to find more information on the tech behind Session’s onion routing.


Note that the schematics, etc are freely available so something comparable could be assembled at home with the help of OshPark and Digikey: https://docs.flipper.net/development/hardware/schematic

Flipper is fun, and cool in a very cyberpunk way (even the name makes me think of the dolphin in johnny mnemonic), but what kept me from buying one, is, while cool, it's aesthetic was really the most unique thing about it. My use cases for it were covered by things I already own, and it is somewhat expensive given all that.

The removal efficiency of the filter is built in to CADR, so say a MERV-14 filter with higher air flow and a HEPA filter with lower air flow can have the same CADR.

The Wikipedia article does not discuss the 2 (different!) methods of calculating CADR but this does: https://frdmtoplay.com/nagivating-air-purification/

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