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Some of my friends who develop for android say that API's and functionality can sometimes just get dropped from version to version especially in things the Nexus. Without warning. To the extent that there are threads with 100/1000's of developer woes going to deaf years wrt un-planned degradations/api changes/ and deprecations. Bugs/defects leading to phones getting bricked are also not un-common.

Apple api's and documentation and deprecation - are more deliberate. and gives me more confidence that i won't end up with a bricked phone.

tldr; i'd still trust an apple EV over a google/android one.


I don't understand why you would inject a hypothetical Android EV into this discussion. I feel that Apple/Google partisanship is off-topic when GP was talking about Apple v. GM/BMW/other established automakers


This is the message i sent

    Should we ban pencils, because a terrorist wrote a threat on a paper? 
    This is exactly what has happened. 
    Honorable Sir, Yesterday an order issued by DoT blocked 32 websites 
    including Github which are used by scientists/engineers/researchers/students 
    for collaboration. 
    This is clearly an un-informed decision, and engineers across the 
    world are wondering how this was arm-twisted as a policy. 
    I have never interacted with the PMO, but I voice the opinion of 
    millions of engineers like me.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Just curious, what software do you use for setting promo-codes, and time bounded ones?


That's all Fedora - https://usefedora.com/


Apply to http://insightdatascience.com/




    coming soon...storm-as-a-service (built on clojure)


    '...show me the code.'


[0]: https://github.com/dotnet [1]: http://microsoft.github.io/


I've removed fb auth.

check it out now, just enter your email and you should be good to go. I guess i wouldnt be worried about sessions at this stage.

thanks for reporting that & taking time with the screenshot.



that sucks. i've changed the begin link to open fb login on the main window.

but the "permissions" dialog always seems to open in a popup. thanks for the feedback.


here is a daemon that runs forever

1. processes as tail-recursive functions

it's callstack will never grow. you can have multiple of these running and the scheduler will still split work between them. a process is a tail-recursive function where the argument becomes its state. a process ceases to exist when it stops being tail-recursive. erlang's distributed computing strengths can in ways be attributed to tail-recursive approach to network programming & beginning with concurrency in mind. everything else came as a side-effect.

for anyone interested for more examples of expressiveness/composition, this is from my talk at functionalconf http://www.slideshare.net/bosky101/recursion-and-erlang/43

2. Node's or machine's are first-class citizens.

you can decide to replicate data over to them, make the data on one node location-transparent, or decide to just abstract it all in a distributed system.

3. binary patten matching

you can pattern match not just [A,B] = [1,2] but also contents of A,B. or do gaurds against contents . eg if the contents of this binary variable begin with "foo".

4. you never have to import any header or module. the vm uses all modules available in its (ebin) path. big cyclic dependency headaches good bye.

5. as many schedulers as there are cores in your machine. (configurable)

6. hot code swapping.

albeit little contrived for the beginner on production systems.

7. otp

comes bundled with the fsm,client-server,etc skeletons called "otp", the same that runs 40% of the worlds telecom traffic.


PS: the root link describes more such features you may find useful


try shift+enter on a terminal.



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