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Could you share the code for some of the custom threading macros you created? Looks very useful.

will do when I share with you the streaming string library I talked about on your discord. I use these arrows in every single namespace I write so this is already part of the plan.

Sometimes, the repetition of encounters is just as meaningful as the people we meet.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small-world_network https://www.quantamagazine.org/new-proof-shows-that-expander... https://telecom-paris.hal.science/hal-03814119/document

Tacit programming + llm control library (like LangChain) has a lot of untapped potential. Tacit programming shines when the control structures are simple (and functions/variables can be anonymized), and these patterns occur frequently in programming on top of llms.

For those who have the book, what is contained in the "discussion of the interactive Lisp programming process" as mentioned by Paolo?

The discussion basically says you don't follow an edit the full program-compile-run cycle like in other languages with batch compilers. Instead, you interactively create a program by writing individual expressions (e.g. function definitions) in the editor, sending them to the REPL for evaluation and testing, further experimenting at the REPL, and repeating the cycle. If you're already familiar with Lisp environments there's nothing new in the book.

Forth really changed the way I think. I now take notes in a Forth-like way. Very underexplored.

Could you say more about what it means to "take notes in a Forth-like way"?

Not sure what it means

carrot soup cookies bread butter cart grocery todo

would be one way :-)

I'd love to see your notes as a sample, please :).

I think he might mean:

1. Push items onto a stack.

2. Create new stacks (words) for categories of items.

FWIW, I do the same, and use a tool (now using almost exclusively the GUI tool I include in the github repo) to do it.

This is the explanation of the tree-of-stacks method that I am using: https://github.com/lelanthran/frame/blob/master/docs/FrameIn...

(yes yes, it's a slideshow, but until I can make a video, this is a better medium for visualising how it works).

In my experience, perfectionism is crafted post-procrastination. It probably makes no sense, but the mind often does this convoluted thing in order to protect procrastination.

No, but there should be. If interested in collaborating (I made ChatGPT.el), shoot me an email at joshcho@stanford.edu.


Interesting project. I can't help but ask if you've ever considered how Richard Stallman would feel about people configuring Emacs to upload code into OpenAI's cloud. It amazes me even more that you get people to pay to do it. I'd rather see Stanford helping us put developers back in control of their own AI experiences.

I think it's important to notice that free software is free to use and extend by people who don't necessarily share philosophical or political convictions of the software's author.

I was talking about showing empathy. I'm not sure where you got those ideas.

https://github.com/karthink/gptel might interest you as well

It was linked in a few commends so I look at the readme:

> Setup > ChatGPT > Other LLM backends > Azure

Llama.cpp is down to the end, so I think it's for those having priorities than freedom.

I was one of the reasons llama.cpp instructions was recently added.

The ordering is because of date added I'm pretty sure.

However I bet an issue about ordering based upon freedom respectfulness would be well received.

Agreed. Our computers are so powerful, do we really need this additional complexity?

And of course, if performance becomes an issue, we can make minor improvements then.

That’s why all these programs land these improvements - the performance optimizations were needed. It gets tricky of course because a performance optimization you needed at one time may no longer be needed as HW perf increased or may even be a penalty as HW architecture diverged from the target one that was optimized for.

There’s a concatenative languages discord btw. Email/msg me joshcho @ stanford or @eating_entropy

There is a Discord for Factor, too.


Literally everything was happening on Twitter.

From spaces to “OpenAI is nothing without its people” to heart emojis.

Sam and Greg posted their statement there.

This is a huge win for Twitter.

Satya wins by letting Ilya win. Wow.

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