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>> Clients who push hard for zero dollar pricing don't value the relationship. Long term B2B relationships are built around mutual success and the value of working with the same people on future projects.

>> Essentially no matter how much they pay a big IT service your client won't get what they really want. That's why they've contacted you.

As someone who runs ( _is trying to run_ might be more appropriate) a small practice with enterprise clients, I just want to say to other readers that this advice is absolute gold.


Or to walk away, you could use one of the 17 Mindy Kaling Inspired One-Liners For Escaping A Conversation - http://www.slideshare.net/sidekick/17-mindy-kaling-inspired-...


Yes. My workflow is similar to yours.

Also, I have noticed I bookmark the HN item, not the actual story link.

For some reason, reading the articles seem like a waste of time in a way that reading the comments on the article on HN does not.


This. Is what I do, exactly!

most of the times, I work _with_ the client's in house dev teams so that they can take over when we are done. I _love_ this model as everybody wins.

Key is to staff with the right people offshore.


I use Keepass + $cloudsyncprovider so that my KDB file is available where ever I need it.


Will work for now but you are still following a pretty straightforward 'pattern' that the algorithms can easily catch up with if algorithm authors wanted them to. (i.e. if too many people start doing this)

I guess using random@domainname may work better?


I am an Android phone user, past iPhone user and current iPad user and my experience has been the exact opposite. Google Now always understands me better than Siri.

When Siri fails for me, I sometimes ask my 7 year old to talk the same thing to Siri and she gets better results. My daughter has a more 'American' accent than me so I have concluded that Android is better at hearing through accents than iOS.

(I haven't yet read the original article but wanted to quickly comment since our observations are completely opposite)

EDIT - iOS tablet user = iPad user.


I have run into 2, 3, 4, 5 as well. And in general, I often feel like the tool is not telling me what it is doing (especially while handling large repos when operations some time take considerably longer)

I have since switched to SourceTree and it is working out well so far.


I don't have much to add but just wanted to say that IMHO, this is an example of hacker mindset at its best. Great Job. Congratulations!


Can you elaborate with a few examples? I am curious.



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