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What a strange tone that article had.

I'm still trying to work out the headline, where the strange tone starts. More wind power in Germany is bad because.... German miners will protest at the closure of coal plants? Because Germany only has very limited carbon tax? Surely a carbon tax would lead to... more renewable energy.

Few of the other new ones follow the alledged standard, one other possible link, to go with the Cu one:

Np N e p tunium

Pu P l u tonium

Ne was already used for Neon. Plutonium is the only element that skipped the first available abbreviation.


Ironic that you've censored yourself rather than state what he donated money towards.

I think they're trying to make the point that it's not relevant.

Like, if he had donated to Save Kittens & Dogs foundation no one would have cared.

So yeah, it's obviously relevant and I doubt they were making any specific point.

While simultaneously appealing to a majority.

In part the de-mutualisation was driven by the short term gains that could be realised if it happened (at the expense of the long term customers). This led to people signing up as customers, purely so they could vote for this to happen and receive a windfall, so you're right, though it sounds like you thought it was a small number of decision makers at the top, rather than an insurgency of outsiders taking advantage of the co-operative model's democratic structure.

Yes, I'm curious to know whether the votes were initiated by insiders (executives or long-standing members) or by 'activist carpetbaggers'. AFAIK carpetbaggers' activity was just opening an account and, when the time came, casting a vote.

There's a difference in methodology that explains some of the divergence:

Netmarketshare counts each user only once per day (per site?). If you assume users if Chrome/Firefox etc are more active on the web than IE8 users then it fits.

Which number is more important when deciding what to support on your site is a complicated question. Probably your own user demographic has a greater impact though.

It was definitely sanctimonious, and it wasn't even close to as funny as his previous articles in this series (which for me personally had many genuine LOL moments) but I thought it was fairly incisive social commentary, at least by the standards of what gets into the mainstream media.

Even the term "ghost" implies that they lived and then died, like the classic ghost town of the West, when these are more like infant cities.

I like the ambiguity in your comment that leaves open the possibility that it was you that never turned up for work due to these various ways if taking time off.

Thats the code's licence, not the file format's, so they'd only need to write a decoder (or ask that the decoder be re-licensed).

There's no specification, so you would have to do a clean room reimplementation.

Now that all the browser makers (except Apple) are on board for a royalty free video codec based on VP10/Daala/Thor tech, I would be surprised if they didn't re-use the same tech and patents to create a next-gen web image format.

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