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Joplin can sync using WebDAV.

A bit off-color but classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgltMtf1JhY

It sounds good. Can you plug it in to a local or online LLM to check grammar & have it proof read if I wanted?

It’s all just text.

Just copy and paste

Yeah, true. It would be cool if it had a plug in to connect to a local model or OpenAI/Gemini API etc

In English, Bangladesh is not Middle East. In German, it is. Israel is Near East from our perspective.


Wow, I had no idea that "Middle East" referred to different regions in different languages - that's interesting.

Btw we say "Near East" in English too and it's vaguely defined but it usually includes Israel. But I don't think it's wrong to say that Israel is in the "Middle East" too - the two terms overlap somewhat.

So you invented a calendar with ads.

Yes that's my thought as well. I'd appreciate more details perhaps if I gave it access to my credit card or bank account and it scanned through my charges to find recurring subscription charges that would be useful. But if I have to literally put them in the app when I sign up for something in order to get a reminder to cancel I already have a calendar.

Yes I've thought ahead for that too. I'm just not at a stage where I want to deal with financial data without seeing if people even want stuff like that.

The plan is to get the whole thing automated.

Well, maybe the free tool.

But he’s promising…

- Finding you one-time payment deals

- Dealing with difficult subscription cancellation

> Finding you one-time payment deals

That‘s the ad part.

No no, I don't plan to run ads. I only plan to give you alternatives. Only thing is they could be affiliate links but I'd let you know though that they are affiliate links.


No no, no ads

No. it's page 70 in the PDF. But the title page is visibly numbered "i" and only the following page is numbered "1". That offsets everything by one.

Ah, i kinda expected the UI (https://i.vgy.me/beZtWa.png) to show the actual PDF page number, never noticed the "i" thing. Thanks.

Not the real title. Please read the guidelines in the footer.

That‘s Matthew Butterick‘s case.

Depends on your specific display. Mine is at brightness 16 at home, and 0 or 2 at work.

Of course, everything is visible. Perfectly visible, not as some sort of compromise.

OP‘s idea was that HN‘s admins use the private/non-public email field in the profile to play middleman.

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