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I do this with my blog. Every time I discover something unexpected or google something and don't get a good answer I like to write a blog post with that search term as the title and the solution to the problem.

Helps both commit the information to memory and help others in the future. Who said blogging had to be long form posts anyway?

I've always felt the issue with government is it's simply too complicated for any one person or even group of people to understand.

Every politician seems incompetent because there is no way any human being can gather and analyse the wants and needs of every single constituent and form a strategy that benefits as many people as possible. There's just not enough time in the day and brainpower available no matter how you divise the workload.

AI can solve this. Maybe not as a candidate but at least as a raw information parser.

If someone gathered and open sourced the information on what everyone wanted in relation to some policy we could even have competing AIs that parse it in different ways to figure out the best way to tackle a problem.

Translated article here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11033244

Interestingly in Australia we learnt all the way to 12.


This is a live stream of Harvard / Yale computer science students final projects. Begins in 30 minutes. Previous years are at: https://fair.cs50.net/


There is a actually a really nice program for startup founders the Australian government runs called NEIS (https://www.employment.gov.au/self-employment-new-enterprise...), but very few people know about it.

It's basically welfare for those starting their own company. You get paid the normal welfare rates (~$225AU per week in QLD) to start your company. You have to provide a basic business plan and meet up with a mentor once a month to ensure you're actually working on it, but other than that it's a free income stream.


Something to note: These workspaces are huge too (compared to all the other Coding in the cloud services). You can use up to 2.5GB of ram and 10GB of disk in each. I work for Cloud9, happy to answer any questions.


From what I can see at the sign up page, it looks like this is for existing/upgrading customers only. Is that correct?


It's for everyone :) If you don't already use Cloud9 simply create a free account then you can upgrade to the new plan.


Currently I like the way Germany is going. They've been down the surveillance state rabbithole before (with the Stasi) and learnt how fucked up it is when the Government has that much power. It seems unlikely they'd repeat history.

It would be nice to see at least one country in the Eurozone use freedom of information as a selling point to come work there. I imagine there are many who work in IT in the UK who would move there out of principle.


Sadly, GEMA is a stranglehold on internet freedom over there.

> I like the way Germany is going

Germany recently planned (or passed?) a law requiring mandatory data retention, that's Germany going the wrong way IMO.

edit: I've just researched it and realized the mass uproar lead to the data retention being cancelled. And I found a nice list of other European countries who don't have data retention (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, and Romania), nice.


You're drawing a conclusion from correlated data. Every country has seen university enrollment increase regardless of cost. Australia's university is still cheap and mostly taxpayer funded and yet they have seen just as much growth in attendance as the UK.


We're looking for the exact same thing, mobile apps and team management.

I've yet to find any open source software that does team management. Even multiple open source tools that work together to create this functionality would be great.



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