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100% agree. I've worked with what could be considered "10x programmers" and their wake was almost always littered with time-consuming tech debt and housekeeping chores they didn't do, or they did something very fast that was off-the-mark because they didn't have the hard "hash-it-out" conversations before plowing ahead with an inaccurate end goal.

This weird obsession with "10x work" is very off-putting to me, hustle culture nonsense still infecting people.

The author is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, so this is exactly the sort of thing they look to cultivate.

In my cynical frame of mind I imagine those execs then golden-parachuted off to Google and were responsible for the Google Pay, GPay, and Google Wallet debacle.

The "Teams (new)" is absurd. Have we not learned not to name things this way by now? I say this as someone as guilty as anyone of having created an iterative series of files with "Final_1.txt", "Final_2.txt", "Final_1-new.txt" suffixes in times of mental sketch-padding. I would never release a product into the wild with any of those in the title, though.

Tbh, I prefer the Teams (new) and Teams (classic) naming. It's infinitely better than the naming they were doing before, which is they were named the exact same in the menu, but were entirely different versions.

Why can’t it just be Teams v2 and Teams v1?

"Teams v2 final final (real) skdhajah.exe"

I’m waiting for Super Teams 2 turbo :)

> if the bar is human level

IMO the bar is well above human-level if you actually want to attain the level of trust necessary to remove the steering wheel from a car.

Agree 100%. And IMO it is worth remembering that a really significant share of collisions are caused by well known risk factors. For those of us who avoid being in those situations to begin with, the robotaxi would need to be a good bit safer than our average.

Social media is far from the only distraction on phones, though. I spend next to zero time on social media, but my phone is nevertheless a powerful distraction for all the other things it can do.

Ok, but that's entirely separate from the reason given for the proposed phone ban.

I don't think social media addiction and other-mobile-phone-screen addiction are "entirely separate" reasons, no?

Is it? He used the surgeon general's recent moves as a starting point in his statement and continued "When children and teens are in school, they should be focused on their studies — not their screens.".

Been theorizing something similar (but in reverse), the purpose being to mute the TV when ad breaks occur (I watched too much football (American) last season and the ads are just the worst). The system would be trained to recognize the bumpers, score graphics, and lack of announcer voices to enable mute, then reverse the same to unmute. Obviously this is all much easier said than done, but every time I see that "I got you a puppy and you got me a truck!" ad it gets fleshed out further.

Black screen detection and audio cues are often used to detect commercials. With sports it should be even easier, since ads don't look like the field or court the athletes play on.

Personally I think it might also be easier to convert the audio to your own close captions in more real time and higher quality ( and better than what the broadcast typically gives you) and leave the sound on low. I like the crowd noise and the announcers, but I also like my sanity more.

Sometimes we get home when a game is already in progress, which allows us to fast-forward through ads until we’re synced up with the live game. It is nicer than having to play the mute/unmute game. As you said, sports commercials are pretty awful.

Smart TVs certainly have the hardware capability to do this already. Many already run content detection. It's purely a problem of will and software. I never understood why there is no open source smart TV firmware.

I vaguely recall TiVO doing something like this in the 90s, and then pulling back the feature, probably because partnerships weren't as interesting when your product removed revenue...

I think the "no more coupons or discounts" played a huge part in this failure. This whole strategy was something brought in by ex-Apple Retail Store exec "Ron Johnson" when he became CEO in 2011.

My own speculation is that he tried to apply hard-line strategies that work when you have a unique good with strictly-set pricing (Apple products), but fall apart when you're selling goods that people can get anywhere for a variety of prices (e.g. Levi's jeans).

I'd hope Khaled would open source it if he decides to give it up

This is starting to feel even more important now that HexChat is over.[1]

Is anyone aware of maintained forks or a revival effort?

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39326630

IRC is very simple. I used to connect with telnet if a client wasn't available.

For productivity apps, this may be a non-issue as they're not (at least for now...I'm watching you Microsoft) pushing ads into things like VSCode or Slack.

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