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I don't know how I feel about that. I mean on the one hand, it feels like ambulance chasing, but on the other, they're providing the exact thing everyone leaving those cells needed. Food, drink, legal advice.

Do you think turf wars start with competing law-firms over that spot?


It's nothing like ambulance chasing.

Their work is pro-bono and the engagement technically starts a bit earlier than leaving jail. The lawyers guild is also the group that fields observers to record what demonstrators/police have actually done in protests.

Also the coffee/donuts are usually a separate set of people, lay volunteers up in the middle of the night trying to keep track of people to make sure they're processed quickly enough, or to give them said coffee/donut or a couple of bucks to catch the subway home. The keyword you're looking for is "jail support" http://organizingforpower.org/jail-support-solidarity/


As long as the work is pro-bono (which I assume it would be), I welcome this kind of ambulance-chasing. I see it as a checks and balance mechanism against police power abuse.

On the other hand, tax payers are always the losers because they have to pay for both police salary, prosecutor salary, and any legal settlement money for lawyers.


What is wrong with ambulance chasing though? If some drunk bastard smash into me I want to sue him - and that generally requires a lawyer.


It's easy to miss things. Sticking a piece of information in the middle of the 10th paragraph is a great way to hide it.


I respect that things need to be done, but I couldn't breath through the stench of an agenda/propaganda while reading half the article.


Could you tell me what the agenda was? I didn't catch it...

Other than making the NYPD look bad of course. That I got.


"...and the metal bench was designed to be cold and uncomfortable."

Yep. I'm sure they went out of their way just to make her uncomfortable. From reading the article, I picked up on a person that steps outside just hoping to be offended.


I got the same response when I informed /r/science that "No, no one in the OPERA Experiment actually believes that neutrinos are actually going faster than light and breaking special relativity, they're asking for input on what went wrong with their observations"

I got a tirade of responses just like yours informing me that I'm a biggot, childish, close minded, backwards thinking, co-dependent on authority, cretin who will be the responsible for the downfall of humanity. ect. ect. ect.

I believe I got down to -45 karma on that post, my lowest score ever, and I wasn't being aggressive or hauty or anything. I was just saying "they're just looking for explanations on their observations, there's no way it's actually happening."

I never got an apology for that, strangely enough.


Mootles himself said that the reason 4chan works is because people make terrible asses of themselves every once in a while, and despite that can still contribute to society and culture. Anonimity ensures that even if you do fuck up, you still arn't ostracized, the benefit being that you will take risks and maybe make something amazing.

The idea of individually singling someone out to make their lives miserable, for something stupid they've done, seems anathema to 4chan's culture. Or at least what makes 4chan's culture work. I see no problem with 4chan's mods removing dox.

You're an idiot, so are we all, but people don't forgive as easily as they should.

So have an upvote, make another post, and try again! Stick around Giorgi.


well neovim might not be ready to go, but vim-go is a very nice suite of tools for vim.


My government doesn't even begin to know how to deal with internet laws, the only thing I've seen come down the pipe are laws designed to protect square peg business practices in round hole environments.

The only thing that can be done is to make privacy and ad blocking tools universally deployed, and let the fallout happen.


Every one of those except the connect landing page successfully sold me. Those are very impressive.

The connect landing page did a poor job of explaining what it was or did. It named dropped some things it hoped I would recognized, had a fancy graphic that kinda lags on firefox, and I couldn't figure out what kind of problem it solved.

It's sort of about letting people transfer money to other people, with me sitting in the middle somehow? I have no doubt it exists for a reason, but a reason I can not ferret out.


yaay it compiled!

Just grabbing an IWAD, I'm looking forward to trying this! Thanks for the suggestion


Personally? I want ad filter that creates a huge barrier to entry. A barrier that stipulates that an ad must be honest, non deceptive, non invasive, and that the companies behind them arn't using them to mass aggregate users for later sale.

I don't think Ad Block Plus is doing that, to be fair. It IS what I want though.

I'd love to give advertisers a way to be honest.


I don't think hypocritical is the word. Unless you happen to know that they typically read buzzfeed for it's integrity. Then that would be hypocritical.

maybe myopic? misaimed?

maybe just stupid.



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