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Just like Joyce's Ulysses, Dostoevsky's work, etc. those all are books that some people consider hugely important, yet because of their difficulty, they won't touch lives of many. Even students of literature often don't understand these works.

And so, I am sceptical when they get pronounced as extremely important. 'Important to whom?' seems to be the crucial question...

I've to do the same, and I couldn't find what I need, so I've made a kind of probe using aws lambda and influxdb. It allow configuration by YAML, dynamics headers and query params, and track your deployments (infra and release). It's called PepperReport.io, I could give you an invitation code if you wan't to try it.

Couldn't find any solution that match my requirements (manage checks with YAML files, dynamic headers and release or infrastructure deployment monitoring), so I've made my own :/ It's in beta test actually, but I would love to have opinions on pepperReport.io

That was unexpected, but great news. Did it run?

Can you send me or post the build errors? As a guess, you could try commenting out includes of <Sound.h> and calls to SysBeep().

I am already baffled that a major Dutch periodical (Elsevier magazine) fails at typesetting the "2" in "CO2" in subscript, but gwern? (Et tu, gwern?)

I feel lucky that I learned about functions late in the game. I used to write php in long long blocks of code.

When I learned about functions I was very reticent to use them and very seldomly did.

Yes, but not in Advanced Mac Substitute. :-P

You can easily hide the pro label.

The secret is to bang the rocks together. ;-)

In the meantime, you could run the Linux framebuffer front end, which, strictly speaking, doesn't have Carbon dependencies. :-D

I would be very afraid if Apple had been acquired by Sun in the 1990s, for what should be obvious reasons.

But Apple has demonstrated zero interest even in going after ROM bootlegging — I don't expect them to build a case against API reimplementation.

I get the feeling that a lot of programmers (especially the older senior ones) are overestimating their significance. It's like people don't want to accept the inevitable future of AI and automation and be like "oh, code is never going to write itself! nope, it's never going to happen! herp derp my job is safe!".

Give it 10-15 years and the bubble is going to burst whether we like it or not. If you're not into machine learning or deep learning at that point you're screwed.

Change my mind.

Executor used some fiendishly clever tricks to achieve performance on 1990s hardware at the expense of portability (e.g. the possibility of 64-bit support). Advanced Mac Substitute has different priorities and doesn't use any code from Executor.

However, ROMLib looks like a good source of unofficial system documentation, which I expect I'll be consulting in the future as I work on parts where Apple's docs become less detailed.

you clearly underestimate the revenue of google. 57 million dollars is something google can shrug off as a cost of operation, attack the strongest point not the weakest point, and not the poster please review the HN guidelines.

thus the exodus to gitlab or elsewhere, such as self hosting.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Advanced Mac Substitute is factored into back end (the emulator itself) and front end (graphics and user input terminal). Writing a new front end from scratch is actually not that much work, and the OS X front end is due for a full rewrite anyway.

This would be an excellent opportunity to contribute that doesn't require any 68K or classic Mac knowledge.

okay. fixed.

> Patriarchy doesn't cause male behavior, male behavior causes patriarchy.

There doesn't have to be a behavioral difference between men and women for societies to trend towards patriarchy. The simple fact that women bear children and are pregnant for nine months is enough to have limited their political prospects in pre-modern times.

A society of antiquity that allows women to fight in battle will have fewer women to bear children, which means fewer bodies to grind in the next war. Societies that forced their women into domestic roles could have faster manpower replenishment and win more wars, taking more territory and spreading their customs. Political power was inexorably tied to warfare, and women, often lacking the crucial military influence enjoyed by generals were locked out of the elite decision making classes.

Today, we no longer fight wars of annihilation, and a society that promotes women in the workforce has access to more brilliant minds than one that doesn't. I think there's more to gender relations than human psychology. Natural selection among human societies can be a powerful driver of cultural change.

Initial work on v68k itself began in 2011. Early on I added a limited system call bridge so it could run command-line tools that produced diagnostics on stdout. I reused the same infrastructure that built 68K tools (as code resources) for MacRelix.

I was able to just skip over the trap calls in the Metrowerks runtime code for very the simplest programs, but in 2012 I added a real trap dispatcher and NewPtr/DisposePtr to implement malloc(). Virtual screen hardware and basic rectangle drawing appeared in 2013. But yeah, 2014 is when things started to get interesting.

Virtually all of my major projects are involved somehow: the Mac frontends are MacRelix. Freemount is used to serve files over a socket pair (since emulated code can't access the native file system). And the launch script is V code.

You describe a classic example of a toxic person. Stay away from him, especially if he expects they many shares for minimal amount of work. He will be as vocal about his unhappiness with your company if things go south. The worst part is the overall environment he will create around your early employees. No one would want to work for a company like that to know someone got so many shares for doing basically nothing.

All accurate and great points. To add a couple more:

- Limited meal customization. Want to order an item minus the mushrooms? Too bad, since the meals are prepped ahead of time.

- Limited inventory throughout the city. Have you ever not been able to order your favorite dish off Postmates because it was sold out? On demand apps have this problem every night.

Source: Worked for an on demand food delivery company.

Interesting that on the SAME day I received an email from the Dept of Public Health re: my complaint re: Munchery's food handling standards, Munchery announces that they're closing--immediately. It's a shame that, what once was a really good food delivery service, Munchery lost its 'successful charm'. The DPH stepped in because I complained that our meals were delivered way after scheduled time and they were NOT under refrigeration. Unfortunately, my meal contained raw tune which eventually led to serious food poisoning. After that incident, I didn't trust Munchery and never ordered from them again. Munchery began to overload their drivers with far too many orders which made deliveries late. This indicates a lack of sound infrastructure, greed, and a lack of concern for their hard-working drivers, as well as the customers who are receiving meals that are going to make them sick.

>> I'm impressed that they raised the amount of money they did.

I'd be impressed if they could do something productive with the money. Raising money isnt a goal or milestone in itself, it is more a reflection of networks than intelligence/grit/creativity/deliver-ability.

Well, shit. You basically just described me (brain fog, depression, anxiety, borderline low testosterone in the 200s they won't diagnose, permanent nasal congestion). I don't have an answer, I'm just watching my life slip between my fingers in slow motion. I have obstructive sleep apnea and hypothyroidism, you could get tested for those if you haven't been. The CPAP is more or less useless for me but it helps some people. External observers have noted an improvement since my thyroid hormone replacement therapy, but I still mostly just want to die. Good luck. (I'm in the US, that didn't help.)

>>I would hope we see a postmortem to get a better understanding of what went wrong.

High level -- FOMO lead mediocre VCs to take OPM (LPs reaching for yield) and spray and pray. Bros who went to Stanford gave other Bros who went to Stanford $100M+ because of connections, because what do you have to lose?

I feel like that about America in general. Sales Tax is never included, or they display the price assuming a auto pay discount or some other such 'discount'. Don't get me started on tipping.

Given that they just laid off 7% of their employees due to cost measures I'd say likely not. They're just not longer subsidizing it for owners because they don't need so much of a draw card.

Stop trusting the newspaper full stop. They are a dying people, we should let them pass.

But seriously, it's entirely predictable that now the wokeology adherents have revealed themselves for the frothing, enraged mob they claim to hate, that now the thinkpieces come out calling for moderation and that nobody really knows what happened.

We already know what happened, and I don't mean what is or isn't in the video. I mean how it got to this point. Widespread indoctrination with collective guilt, then subsequently laser focused on scapegoats.

As others said, those numbers are outdated and low. As a 2018 grad from a non top 10 CS school who had a dozen or so offers (BigCo + startups), I’ve personally seen that the numbers reported on teamblind.com and levels.fyi are very, very accurate.

Crowd sourcing personal data + those from friends, median total comp (base+stock+bonus+refreshers) for a CS undergrad degree was ~160k in high cost of living areas. Competitive students (a few internships at FAANG or similar) get offers in the 180-200k range.


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