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You sent a slide deck that proposed throwing out all the DOTS work after that work had been underway for more than two years.


Ask around your friends if any need some help in IT ? Start with helping out and getting back into the field, then cover ground.

http://koken.me/ might not be very lightweight (MySQL needed), but the installation and administration are very easy.

My newborn son has $250,000 in debt thanks to the welfare state. Borrowing from him to give to someone else is criminal. How can you talk about expanding the welfare state when we can't even pay for the one we have?

Another way of saying "I'm right, your wrong".

Seems like as of 2015 he has one!

source: https://twitter.com/paulg/status/575490964527034368

I'm developing flight software at work on various Linux pc's that have support drivers installed for some PCIe cards. If I want to code on these PC's it's either sit inside a freezing clean room or "ssh -X" into a PC to bring up a editor. This sucks, so I have a makefile to rake in certain specifics of my flight software build with additional compile time switches for flexibility to build natively on my own computer. This allows me to essentially ignore installed drivers/libs and work comfortably in my own environment until I require the actual PC in the cleanroom to run my build.

This is the best thing I have read in a long time. I have always been skeptical of "superintelligence" and glad to see I am not alone.

1. It is meant to be an international language. They tried to blend in as many languages as possible. Otherwise someone speaking German, for example would have a harder time picking it up than someone who already speaks Spanish or English.

2. The Esperanto culture is post-nationalistic. They purposely did not want to align with a specific country, and be global.

The job offers are not that often, so I guess you've beat everybody, myself included, with production experience.

From the article I posted in the GP:

>I miss teaching a lot. Every day, in fact. But the truth is I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been. Getting out of teaching and not being emotionally invested in my work has forced me to do things besides work more. I’ve learned how to cook, I’m making new friends, I’m reading more, I’m rediscovering my love of things I used to do before I was ever a teacher all over again. I do productive things on the side too, like study for my CPA license.

>And the thing is now that I’m thinking about other things, I’ve learned so much about saving, investing, and I’m doing much better with my salary and working toward eventually being independent of a salary if at all possible.

>Your career is just one part of your life. You might not become a much happier person just because you do the work that satisfies you the most. You have to consider the effects it could have on you as a person besides just having to do the work. You should do the work that gives you balance, and not the work you love the most.

There's something to be said for it. It's not for everyone,there's some people who do work they find truly meaningful and are happy about devoting themselves to it. However, most people probably shouldn't look for meaning in their work less it traps them from experiencing meaning and happiness elsewhere.

To be clear, I am not saying nobody should ever make a career out of doing what they enjoy during in their free time, I'm saying it doesn't guarantee career satisfaction and there are potential pitfalls of going down that route. It also definitely should not be generic advice to everyone.

"Do it for the money" is good advice. I feel like if I were trying to find satisfaction in paid work I'd be unhappy.

The journal is called "PNAS" ?!

Is that a joke?

I got better results:

Input (original) name: the-northern-trifid-nebula-8499-1920x1200.jpg type: image/jpeg size: 737.26 KB

Output (compressed) name: the-northern-trifid-nebula-8499-1920x1200.jpg type: image/jpeg size: 263.17 KB (64.30% off)

I guess your original was more optimised than mine.

A tool like this should definitely check to make sure it has actually reduced the file size and, if not, just return the original with a note that it couldn't make any gains.

Been using the Camelizer for years! It's a great tool.

I really don't think this is the case.

Check out the top comment from @grellas here https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2208056

At the end, he mentions that general statements never apply to everybody, and unique situations vary. Additionally, in California the law protects moreso than other states.

Why would people need mixers if you can use shapeshift and monero ? Monero is anonymous, it solves the problem i guess

Yay, at minimum 7 Mb freed up going forward. People will remember this joyous occasion, would rate 10/10 again.

pretty cool tool

I would suspect not too badly.

I'm a researcher in this field. Printable, flexible solar cells have been researched for over a decade and improvements on their efficiency plateaued at about 10% almost five years ago. That's at lab scale being tested in a nitrogen glove box, using the most exotic designer molecules and printing techniques that don't scale. Many companies have tried and failed to commercialize this technology in the recent past, Konarka being one example. I believe Heliatek in Germany is the latest iteration, no doubt propped up by their massive solar subsidies.

The main problem is that the raw organic semiconducting materials are currently not produced at scale, and no chemical company will risk ramping production when the end product is only a 5% efficient cell that will be outcompeted by c-Si in almost every application except niche cases like the chicken coops described by others here.

That being said, my best guess is that printable, flexible electronics will be seen in flexible displays/wearables within 5 years, RFID tags on product packaging in the same time frame, biomedical and soft robotics applications within 10, and flexible large-area lighting (think wallpaper with programmable lighting zones) within 10 as well.

But in the energy game, efficiency and raw material costs determine winners, and printed OPV is losing on both.

> This smells like cheap and irresponsible journalism

Maybe, but it is still true and something most users probably won't pay attention to but probably should.

"This is all part of the larger quest for a few major companies to hoover up every bit of data about you that they can. Now, they want to know all about your living space"

The "smaller community subs are great" meme doesn't work here. All subs about politics are rubbish.

Congrats on the new release! While this is all great news, it's still quite hard to get a full-time Elixir job outside of US. Kind of like staring at the candy shop display while it's closed. I'm wondering how to make this happen. I'm in a place where Elixir is just not going to happen and seems unreasonable to expect that I'll be able to convince people to switch to it right after joining a new place. Seems like the only option is to find spare time for playing with Elixir, but that proved to be difficult when I need to invested time in a different stack that actually helps me pay the bills.

>For things you like doing that you are good at, make that your main job. You will be effective and happy.

The other outcome besides being "effective and happy" is "turning something you enjoy into something you hate because now you have to do it." Just because you love doing something doesn't mean you love being forced to do it for someone else 40 hours a week.

It's pretty naïve to think that the things you enjoy in your free time are the things you enjoy doing for paid work and vise versa. I absolutely hate cleaning around my house, I hate everything about it, but I don't mind cleaning for paid work at all.

There's other issues too and quite a few people I know took that route ("doing what you love") and it lead to career dissatisfaction for various reasons.

Jobs have other "stuff" other than just your work, you may love X but hate working in X industry for various reasons, like work environment, salary, job prospects, etc.

The things you enjoy and are good are probably not even viable paid opportunities. (Nobody's going to pay you to put together model airplanes).

You don't get to "test drive" the vast majority of jobs at home first.

There's something to be about not being invested in your work and, essentially, not making your work the focus of your life.


What is the problem about the link being from Fox News?

Of course Amazon benefits from negative reviews. In a brick-and-mortar shop I can physically inspect the product before buying to judge its quality. Online shops don't have that, so you either have to trust the shop, brand or review system. Since Amazon allows everyone on their platform, the review system is the only reason you can still buy noname products there.

A good review system translates to trust, which enables sales.

I frequently get screenshots pasted into PowerPoint "presentations". Couple times I even got a photo of the monitor taken with a cellphone camera.

I don't fault them for this in the least because they did what they knew how to do to accomplish the task and the task was accomplished effectively, I was able to see their screen.

Hello all,

I just wrote a post where I go over the usual metrics for classification of deterministic targets then propose an alternative when the target is more of a stochastic nature. I would love to have your feedback about it !


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