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Have you poured hours into your resume only to hear crickets?

Hi fellow hackers. Here are 10 ways you can upgrade your resume to have a better chance at getting interviews, including:

The #1 way to hook recruiters and make them look at you for minutes, not seconds.

Avoid game-over mistakes that people make that gets their resumes sent into the abyss.

How to stand out from 1000’s of other resumes and jump out of the pile on the hiring managers desk.


The subtext of every article like this is "How to motivate people (without paying them more or giving them equity)."

In many, perhaps most, situations, people are working to build things they don't own. That is the context. Any other spin on the context is just manipulation.

This stuff might work on some people, but, as a regular employee, I'm most motivated by frankness from my bosses. Nothing turns me off faster than platitudes about the purpose of our work or why I should be motivated by it.

Not quite. Because the chance is 0%, the fact that you were able to pick the choice (with 0%) at all implies a contradiction.

If you actually read the article most of the statements of fact are about the omnibox autocomplete system, and then they use innuendo to imply some things about search engine ranking. But these are two completely separate systems, and it makes sense that a system that is literally telling you what to type is more sensitive than the search result ranking. It is not a flaw of Google that it won't suggest "is hillary clinton still controlled by the jews" when you type "is hillary clinton". If it was just a big trie of what everyone typed, it would be completely dominated by 4chan troll bots.

It might just be me, but isn't that just how you name your attributes within the function definition? I don't see how that would help disambiguate without have to look at the function definition at the very least.

arf arf!! this is dumb

I think moderators should mark articles behind paywalls as such, I already don't click on wapo or nytimes links but you never can tell with medium. I'm retired on a fixed income and I can't justify in my budget subscribing to these places. It makes me sad when I can't read an article that might otherwise fascinate me. One solution would be to never click on medium links, but then I'd miss the ones that are free.

My co-founder and I are both developers and whenever we used to make apps we found getting feedback on the apps was very difficult. App store reviews were very one-sided and emails were usually ignored by users. So we made HintPod it’s a SaaS platform that allows developers and businesses to get feedback from their customers directly inside their apps. What we've developed so far is called Suggestions and it consists of a list of suggestions submitted by users. Businesses and developers can also engage with the users and their suggestions through HintPod. Users don’t have to login or leave your app to submit their feedback. It’s free to use so I’d love to hear what you guys think about it. Thanks.

Fair enough. I would just argue that they don't try to manipulate you at scale...

Absolutely. I bought a ream of high quality paper 10+ years ago and am still going through it. I really don't print much.

> M.E.


> IPsec tunnel

This being the state of enterprise, no wonder every Fortune listed company is getting their doors blown off.

AVImark does not use SQL in general. They did an experiment with SQL a few years ago but abandoned it. They have a flat file database written in Delphi.

The article doesn't say that they were stored in plaintext. Still a PCI violation though!

Can't edit. Explanation for 6 is incorrect as pointed above/below. Correct explanation is: Lets say 6 is True. This implies that 5 is False. If 5 is False, it means at least one of the above 5 - 1, 2, 3, 4 is True. But we've established above that all of them are False. So, 5 cannot be False. Hence, 6 cannot be True.

It looks as though this is largely a copy of other people's work with comments added and no attribution. That is a bit odd.


This reminds me of open-plan offices. What a nightmare.

You're right, my bad. Negation of None of the Above is False is Some of the Above is True. I will modify my explanation.

By decade you mean 1000pages (OP mentions 100/yr)?

A more in-depth paper about this found the Swish activation often outperformed other functions: https://arxiv.org/abs/1710.05941

This is really just clickbait. Why mention the only the Indian revenue when a large majority of revenue comes from outside India? Also note that valuation is from October 2019 round while revenue is from 2018. OYO's YoY growth is 4-5X so revenue is likely much higher now (even if looking only at India).

Thanks! Will be checking out this weekend.

Don't sell things that require high availability as a solo founder.

Labour was quite upset when the porn block was canceled:

> Labour attacked that announcement as “proof that an important policy issue has descended into utter shambles”.

And in 2013:

> David Cameron must bring in laws to restrict access to internet pornography and stop images of child abuse from being available online, Labour will say today.

> However, Labour is challenging the Government to go further by bringing in new legal protections, including an automatic block on online pornography unless users "opt-in" and a tighter obligation on web companies to weed out images of child abuse.


Rich peoples pockets (the few)?

Even in Star Trek, there were admirals, and there were ensigns. There were First Chancellor of the Planet, and common folks.

I don't get the title. How is 50 hours a week is not busy?

What happened is arguably more stupid: by filling up the disk, 1) they definitely noticed, 2) I couldn't get what I wanted, and 3) I couldn't clean up the logs after it. Thankfully I had covered up my steps (or, more probably, the sysadmin was ashamed to see he had been hacked and chose to fix it and say nothing).

I didn't see a logical explanation that explains why an option is correct or not, so here's one:

Q Which answer in this list is the correct answer to this question?

1. All of the below. 2. None of the below. 3. All of the above. 4. One of the above. 5. None of the above. 6. None of the above.

I'll assume "is the answer" to be "True" and "is not the answer" to be "False" in my explanations to make it more readable.

Lets say 1 is True. This implies - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are also True. Now, if 2 is True, then it means 3, 4, 5, 6 are False. This contradicts what 1 says. So, 1 cannot be True.

Lets say 2 is True. This implies - 3, 4, 5, 6 are False. If 3 is False, it means both 1 and 2 cannot be True. Since, we've assumed 2 to be True, 1 can indeed be False, so this is consistent. If 4 is False, then it means either less than one or more than one out of 1, 2, 3 are True. Zero out of 1, 2, 3 cannot be True since it contradicts our assumption of 2 being True. So either two or three out of 1, 2, 3 have to be True. Since, we've already established than 1 is False, that leaves 3 to be True along with our assumption of 2 being True. But 3 cannot be True since it contradicts 2. So 2 cannot be True.

Lets say 3 is True. This implies 1, 2 are True. We've already established that 1, 2 are False. Moreover, 2 being True will contradict 3 being True. So 3 cannot be True.

Lets say 4 is True. This implies that exactly one of 1, 2, 3 is True. We've already established that they are False. So 4 cannot be True.

Lets say 5 is True. We now know that 1, 2, 3, 4 are not True. So, this is consistent. We'll come back to this.

Lets say 6 is True. This implies that 5 is False. If 5 is False, it means all of the above 5 - 1, 2 , 3, 4 are True which we've found not to be True. So 6 cannot be True.

That leaves only 5 to be answer to the question.

USA: https://www.wellsfargo.com/online-banking/service-fees $30 to send a wire transfer, just within the country. And $15 to receive one too.


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