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You can use bounty for difficult, niche or obscure questions.


US Pols are responsible for the government setup and administrated by Iranians. Do tell.

For some reason the URL doesn't work unless I remove the '-1' at the end.


Wondering what you feel is lacking about search. I have a product that sits on top of Dropbox (and other cloud services) and provides slide-level (as opposed to file-level) search for PowerPoint files; I'm thinking this could be expanded to other types of files and would love to hear your thoughts.

Email in my profile if you want to go off line.


And home prices are, what, 8x to 15x US average?

You can buy a great house in Omaha for $150,000, a comparable home in the valley would run $2,500,000 or more. And yes, you can get a job in Omaha that pays well!

Unfortunately, many people now have to treat the valley as a stepping stone, it's a gauntlet to endure long enough to make substantial money and then they have to get out. Get rich from options or some other liquidation event, then pack up and move to a place where cost of living is vaguely reasonable. For many people, the only way to stay in the valley longterm, establish a household, maybe have a family with kids, and comfortably afford a generic "middle class" standard of life, is with a truly significant payout, the type of payout that would define someone as "rich" elsewhere in the USA.

I know this is uncomfortable and unpopular to discuss, and we're all very fortunate to even entertain such discussions especially compared to the hardships of most Americans and global citizens, but who in tech has not experienced this? Whether it's the enticement to go work in the valley for some theoretical payday, or the feeling you must leave once you reach X net worth otherwise you'll never be able to actually afford it?

A lot more details in this new article:


Including comparisons to neighboring buildings with a very well done chart. And this frightening statistic:

On Friday the transbay authority released a report by the engineering firm ARUP, showing that the Millennium Tower is four to five times heavier than any other building in the area with a similar foundation, including 100 First St., 199 Fremont St. and 555 Mission St. Building weights are measured in kips — 1,000 pounds — per square inch of pressure on the soil below. The tower at 555 Mission, for example, is 487 feet tall compared with 645 for the Millennium, but it exerts 2.4 kips per square inch while the Millennium exerts 11.4 kips.

The city has stated that water and sewage connections to the building might soon fail depending on how much more sinking there is.

Let's be honest, Stack Overflow and that network of sites has been in decline for years. Sadly it has turned into a vast and wide content farm and SEO ploy that is full of search spam and and users who copy/paste material from legitimate sources. To top it off, Stack Overflow uses "nofollow" on the outbound links to make sure the true source of material gets no credit in the eyes of Google, Bing, etc. Rinse and repeat for years, and spammers have taken over the asylum, with some trolls for good measure too, and that's unfortunately much of Stack Overflow today.

How did this happen?

In short, they appeared to receive preferential treatment from Google after complaining very publicly and loudly about not ranking at the top of search results. Ever since then they have widely dominating search results for any vaguely related technical query. Ironically, at that point in time their primary complaint was about other content farms scraping their content.



>> JS: All of these sites that go to Stack Overflow, scrape our content, and reprint it with garbage ads, Google Adsense-encrusted pages.They're basically producing worse versions of our pages and they use these slimy SEO techniques, so they actually rank higher than us.

>> For a long time, we were getting enormous complaints from our own users that they'd search on Google and they'd find Stack Overflow content that had been stripped from its useful form but SEO'd like crazy and encrusted in ads and thrown up willy-nilly. And these sites were getting a lot of traffic. So that was his complaint and of course he phrased it in this larger frame of "Is Google losing their edge, etc. etc.?"

>> BI: It got a lot of attention. Do you think Google's doing a good job of fixing this sort of problem?

>> JS: They fixed it. They called us up at the time and said, "Thank you for bringing that up. You have lit a fire under the team that is supposed to be working on that problem that has not been delivering."

Matt Cutts, then the head of Google Web Spam, posted to Hacker News about this to "fix" the problem of sites outranking Stack Overflow.


What seemed like newly preferential treatment directly impacted hundreds of other sites that lost huge volumes of their traffic to the newly crowned king-of-search Stack Overflow. For example:


>> As many of you know, DaniWeb was hit by a Google algorithm update back in November 2012 and we lost about 50% of our search traffic. In investigating the issue, I discovered that DaniWeb, in addition to most other programming forums out there, all lost their google traffic to StackOverflow.

That, in turn, perpetuated the reposting/scraping activity and blatant spam posts to the StackOverflow network, since the site network ranks dominantly in every vaguely related query. Now years later, an even larger volume of material on Stack Overflow is not original content and doesn't even pretend to be. It's absolutely littered with copied/pasted content and blatantly spammy/promotional posts from around the web.

From the outside looking in, it appears that Stack Overflow has become exactly what they once actively complained about.

A lot of the "landfill" in that part of SF is rubble from the 1906 quake, which there was a lot of. They disposed of it by making the city bigger!

Guaranteed income is not a solution. Sure housing and food are the most 2 important things but people need to feel they are needed in the society.

One interesting issue with the duplicate answers is that if you notice later a typo in your answer and edit it you get pushed to the bottom of the answer stack, despite having the first answer. This seems like an issue SO could solve to help contributors. I doubt many abuse the system to completely rewrite an answer and stay on top.

Citation needed. Over the last couple decades processed foodstuffs have been constant in price, but the portions have decreased to cut costs. You can play Russian dolls with old cereal boxes, fitting the newer ones inside the old ones.

Mike Carson has put park.io up for sale. Asking price is $1.5M.


Here's the thing... It's a "driveway" and it's unreasonable to expect no wear or discoloration on untreated concrete (ask any concrete company if that is reasonable and they will tell you "No").

If he was concerned about that he should have moved his car to a place on his property where this could not occur.

If he did not tell you that was a concern before you started, and especially if he parked the car there and told you to clean it there, I don't see how he has a case.

I would check to see if he's done this kind of thing before (and I'd be surprised if he hasn't) because that is evidence that he purposely set you up. If he has bring those records to court with you there's a good chance a judge would toss his case.

Because they have far greater leverage over labor markets than they do over the market for their product. You don't have to raise prices in a fickle consumer market when you can just make your profits off the much less elastic labor market instead.

They only have to keep prices the same or negligibly lower in order to profit from this proposal.

nice book

If anyone is interested the data came from https://github.com/cdipaolo/hub-db make your own foul talking bot!

An unbalanced young-old demographic ratio is indicative of worsening economic conditions for average people. Looking at Japan, they have a population crisis because there's no time to start a family when you have lots of mandatory unpaid overtime. Thankfully we're not quite that far gone yet, but we're headed in that direction and are starting to face similar demographic problems.

Innovation is slowing down because companies are preoccupied with irrationally slashing labor expenses, and R&D tends to be quite expensive so it gets cut significantly. The result is less income for consumers, who in turn buy fewer goods, which ultimately leads to even more cuts for labor.

Regardless, that's not going to help an economy whose primary problem is a consumer base who can no longer afford to purchase goods in sufficient numbers.

This assumption that everything will be cheaper seems a bit disingenuous, because why would these companies want to automate themselves so badly if they weren't going to keep most of the savings as profit?

Even if prices were lowered by a few percent for some goods thanks to cheaper shipping, that's little help when you have no source of income. This will only exacerbate the demand-limited economic slump we're currently experiencing.

You can try hardcoding the IP address in your hosts file (see my comment below: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12574428#12575021). This will get you to the site through a regular request.

One thing I don't understand, why startups are not a good example?

Could you elaborate more on why propagation is not the right term? Its definition reads:

  The process of spreading to a larger area or greater number; dissemination.
Which is (to my understanding) exactly what happens with DNS information while clients fetch the updated zone.

72 hours is indeed a comfortable upper bound ("up to"), that we would give to customers so as to make absolutely sure every cache down the chain has refreshed its records, and is not the cause of the issue at hand when name servers were changed. 24 hours is common delay.

is still Exist

fail2ban is for any log you want to monitor and block access to your machine for; not just ssh. fail2ban isn't a "keep my logs clean" tool it's a "reduce my attack surface" tool.

Edit: Feel free to Google "fail2ban security" if you disagree.

Agreed. Typography? Not so much...

I see that this is a common concern. I will fix this.

I had assumed that anyone landing there would have just read some post describing it. This is a good idea though. I will add something like this.

The app is fully functional.

In your experience what difference does full disk encryption vs home encryption have in this context? We've been debating this a lot at work.

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