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This article does not mention that scientific measurement with a calibrated measurement microphone can take all of the guesswork out of speaker placement, just like you need a calibrated color measurement puck (and associated color-management software) to guarantee accurate color on computer monitors and printers. A measurement microphone tells you if the 200Hz frequency is too loud or too quiet with respect to the 1000Hz frequency, and so on, just like color management tells you if red #FF0000 is oversaturated or undersaturated with respect to the sRGB or DCI-P3 or whatever color space you are targeting. I bought a UMIK-1 microphone, downloaded the factory .txt calibration file, and used the roomeqwizard.com software to tune my systems. Works great. Human audible sound travels in waves at frequencies in the 16Hz-20KHz range. Those waves bounce around the room and interact to make certain frequencies louder and others quieter ("standing waves"). This room response* is especially important below 250-500Hz: search for "Schroeder Frequency" if curious.

Right. But one of these is secure and the other isn’t. State action against telegram is eminent.

For all of you saying we should switch to Matrix, please outline the user sign up flow in your comment. Be detailed. Your audience is your 50 something aunt who calls her iPad her Facebook.

My 2 cents: we are living in a certain time when where you live is not as relevant as what you do. IMHO, if you work in areas of high demand and few available professionals (such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cybersecurity, machine-human interface, etc) you will be a desirable asset and will probably be in the position of choosing what offer is the best one for you. Recruiters are going crazy on Linkedin right now and before you ask they let you know that you can work remotely with very competitive salaries. So as an attempt to answer your question as of how to increase SWE salaries in Europe (as in any other place in the world really) is to consider making a move towards some hot career paths related to areas such as the ones I cited (not restricted to those obviously). I am a firm believer of this type of initiative. It might take time and be very challenging (and it will) but it definitely pays off.

Ohalo | London or remote | Backend/DevOps engineer | full time |


We are a small, funded company that builds data privacy solutions for some of the biggest enterprises in the world to protect the data rights of millions of people.

We are looking for a backend/devops engineer with experience of Docker (and associated best practices) as well as proficiency in Java (Spring) and Gradle. Remote working or (when not pandemic-restricted) working out of our offices in central London is possible.

Our stack is built in Java/Python with a React frontend. Much of the initial focus will be on improving and implementing our deployment processes. To that end, we require that you are familiar and comfortable with enterprise-level deployments, networking and SQL database fundamentals.

To find out more about the opportunity, please check out https://www.ohalo.co/jobs

Look forward to hearing from you!

Telegram is insecure and also being swamped with right wingers. Doesn’t seem promising.

The loan seems to be more a techinical stand-point than a real loan.

... and to prevent the Fed from increasing rates, the US needs to enforce the Petro-Dollar regime whereby all of the world economy runs on the USD.

That explains the incessant saber-rattling.

This is incorrect. Most of Europe has free speech:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises."

I think the MeWe platform is a lot easier for communication between members.

Thank you for your gentle and respectful method of disagreement.

I agree that my assumption was based on hearsay. Fundamentally, I don't believe that children who are loved and protected by their primary caregivers shoot themselves in the stomach in an attempt to die.

Mainly because of his track record - he has done very well over a very long period of time.

> over the last 20 years, Berkshire Hathaway had a 7% annualized ROI while a simple Nasdaq fund had 8%.

> He talks so much about (...) investing in things you know something about

This kind of answers your question. The most successful companies over the past 20 years have been in tech. Buffet admits that he doesn't understand tech and that's why he isn't willing to invest. He doesn't mind missing out on opportunities and he also isn't interesting in learning.

WTH! They are not going to stop until the have shut up anyone that don't agree with them!

"...As of June 2020, Signal had more than 32.4 million total downloads, and the app had approximately 20 million monthly active users as of December 2020...." [0]

"...The initial $50M in funding was a loan, not a donation, from Brian Acton to the new nonprofit Signal Technology Foundation. By the end of 2018, the loan had increased to $105,000,400, which is due to be repaid on February 28, 2068. The loan is unsecured and at 0% interest..." [1]

What happens when they add 50M or 100M more users, how will they fund it or repay it? Can this run as wikipedia for ever or will they be forced to monetize? $1 in some other countries is lot more expensive than $1 in the US.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_%28software%29 [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Foundation

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, Russian and Chinese are definitely coming back as typical answers every time I have this conversation with cybersecurity folks. Important to notice that they are quite a challenge and probably not within the first choices if the person can just pick any language. At the same time, I assume that learning these can be rewarding for exactly the same reasons.

I think the most infuriating thing to me about this article is that the author doesn't understand the existing tools well enough to have any idea why we need new ones, and instead decided to complain on his blog about how programming is too hard.

ANYTHING is hard when you first start out. Try making a table out of wood, or doing origami, or playing an instrument for the first time, and unless you're some bizarre savant you're going to effing SUCK at it. Learn why things are the way they are, or in this case learn the way things are in the first place, and your results will improve.

From experience, I would explain it by an inability to accept others, which could be traced to perfectionism and low self-esteem.

With long term acquaintances, you start to notice imperfections. If you have a low self-esteem, you could develop this peronality where you are constantly judging others, and trying to control and make them perfect, because they are part of your life.

This could have been caused by constant criticism received during childhood, or abusive parents who were themselves perfectionist in treating you, and didn't show enough acceptance, pride and love.

When are they fixing keyboard?

The issue lies with people like you labelling speech that goes against the narrative "fascist" speech. Clearly the definition of fascism is lost on you if you are supportive of banning speech.

Its dishonest to label all of the speech coming out of sites like parlor fascist. Its clearly politically motivated censorship.

I can find 1000s of examples of people calling for violence against Trump supporters on Twitter or Facebook, but no-one is calling for Twitter to be removed from the app store...

Hi, I'm the author.

> He doesn't have an investment strategy, and probably never heard of portfolio re-balancing.

This is perhaps a reasonable inference to draw based only on the information in the article, but it is incorrect. Without going into too much detail, the missing context is that I have effective long exposure to certain markets through my ownership of founder stock in a startup that operates in those markets. And while I place a high expectation value on that stock, it's also illiquid and can't be easily hedged. For reasons I didn't go into in the piece, I believed Bitcoin would also serve as a partial hedge for that market exposure, which justified a higher allocation than one might naively expect.

(I'll also observe that portfolio rebalancing isn't the right decision in all situations. Startup founders rationally concentrate their net worths into their companies, which is justified by their overwhelming informational advantage.)

> He got in lucky and made some good returns. Now he thinks he is a genius because of that, and as a result can predict the next market move.

I agree with the first sentence. I would strongly dispute the second. It's precisely because I don't think I can predict what will happen next that I've zeroed my exposure to this entire ecosystem.

> He didn't do good market research. For example, most of the volume in USDT is faked by the exchanges. Coinbase, GBTC, and CME each one of these is are probably bigger than USDT in size and volume. Unregulated derivatives are an alternative to USDT for more sophisticated traders and they are also huge.

I'm aware of these claims — there are rumors of wash trading by the big unbanked exchanges that I consider quite credible. I didn't include those in the piece because I wasn't able to find confirmatory evidence in the time I'd allocated to research it. I would be extremely interested if you could share any evidence you may have collected about these claims.

If someone in Russia has decided my family can be incinerated, I don't see why the favor can't be returned. I mean, if we had a mindset of "one human family", nuclear weapons wouldn't even exist.

Obviously - the point being, this command chain is optimized and conditioned for compliance.

Agreed this was my surprise about the headline. I assumed it'd be blocked.

The final final version of my website is finally here!

People who have used this app, which kind of situations have you helped with? I want to help but am a bit nervous

That’s amazing, congratulations on all of your success.

Author here. I agree that past inflation has been minimal; what I was referring to was the expectation of future inflation after the pandemic has materially ended. It would have been rational (or so my thinking went at the time) for investors to buy into Bitcoin in anticipation of this shift.

A week after he registered the domain name. That's not the same thing as "before," which I believe the top comment in this thread was implying about what he should have done instead of what he did do.

I don't believe in coincidences

Ah, I guess that's on me for only skimming the article. Still, death is death. We shouldn't trivialize it just because the person in question wasn't a good person, which is what it felt like the GP was suggesting.

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