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mcmullen 16 minutes ago | link | parent | on: The Bubble Question

Cheap money (or, low rates with "safe" bond markets) + high growth tech = sky high valuations - got it, Fred.

Just, one more thing... how did he go from the 10% yield ($100M / 10M = 10% yield) to "if interest rates are 5% instead of 10%, then you would pay $200mm for the business ($10mm/$200mm = 5%)." Is he simply interchanging the word "yield" with "interest rates" or actually talking about the central bank?

badamson 39 minutes ago | link | parent | on: The Bubble Question

I think we should be more worried about high inflation in the future, not deflation:

The lack of inflation despite the Fed's printing can be explained in the massive increase in excess reserves (and also the slowdown in the velocity of money.): https://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/EXCSRESNS

This jump is a result of the Fed getting authorization from congress to pay interest on said reserves. By controlling this rate, the Fed can effectively control how much excess reserves they have, thus having a large impact on the rate of inflation. Having said that, it is a massive and unprecedented amount of excess reserves. If something goes terribly wrong in their exit strategy (and/or the velocity of money picks up unexpectedly) then the worry would be high inflation, not deflation.

EDIT: I believe you meant if inflation kicked in then the flood of free money would discontinue. That would be accurate as interest rates would rise and QE would most certainly be off the table. Deflation fears is what set QE into high-gear in the first place ;)

nutjob2 40 minutes ago | link | parent | on: The Bubble Question

"This is not the bubble you're looking for..."

"Move along..."

The VC can have a strong influence on the weak minded.


Stringing this together with other libraries like http://github.com/warpech/jquery-handsontable and http://github.com/SheetJS/js-xlsx and http://github.com/SheetJS/js-xls could lead to a better web spreadsheet.

EDIT: someone already thought about combining those libraries: http://SheetJS.github.io


Thank you for not forgetting the 101st.


clxl 1 hour ago | link | parent | on: The Bubble Question

If deflation kicked in, why wouldn't the fed fight with increased QE?

Australia, which was a big miner and user of asbestos, has the highest per capita rate of new mesothelioma cases in the world and it is still rising. These new diagnoses are considered the 'third wave' of casualties. First wave was the miners, second wave were people who worked directly with the material, and the third wave are people with incidental exposure - DIYers, women who washed their husbands' clothes etc. [1]

Bans on the use of asbestos began in Australia in 1967 and the material was finally fully banned in the country in 2003. [2]

[1] http://www.theage.com.au/national/still-breathing-the-devils...

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asbestos#Australia


Yep, you are right. Because all ARM boards supports OpenBSD.

And the PVR GPU on BBB is of course the most friendly GPU.


Yes it does and uses standard linux v4l2 interface via the Samsung MFC.

A Bucnh of blobs = 1 Single blob for Mali. The other files are symlinks ok?

They put a newer XBMC image lately that fixed all the slow issues.


I recommend you to take a look to the "Growing object oriented software guided by tests" book.

The first assumption you made is about TDD being only unit tests. What if TDD is not only unit tests? It could be that TDD is used in many levels, therefore when you do a more high level test, like an end to end/functional/system test, and there should be at least the idea of that system to start with. It doesn't appear suddenly.

The previous book applies TDD in that way: You get what the system has to do, prepare an idea/design of how the system has to do it and validate it through code. Of course that code is written test first.

Thus experts do not promote TDD only on units, thus "no design at all". You will find the no "BIG design upfront" though, but this is a different matter.


You should totally patent that idea!

Detailed Portfolio can be viewed by logging into the following youtube channels:

http://www.youtube.com/teamvideosparks http://www.youtube.com/mordyvideosparks

Call us for producing business videos if you are a start-up or hi-tech company and looking for creating animated videos.


I'd say the Malaysian flight disappearing/crashing-into-the-ocean is 'important' news. Here it is of global relevance because of the catastrophic nature of the incident, but one could easily argue that a series of break-ins on your street is important as well ,albeit its relevance is local therefore its only important to the people of the locality.

I believe future news/social applications will have to harmoniously marry the global with the local. In all humble honesty I sorta envision these really cool applications that'll be aware of where we are and what we want and serve us relevant content.This idea is exciting to me because we don't have to wait for superior technology to build them.


my .ebextensions script just calls chef-client, which is pretty straightforward to maintain.. Downside is that it takes many minutes for a new node to come up. Sounds like docker might help speed this up.

I agree this is the EB's biggest missing feature. I do it by having a second environment running the same web app. Before deploying I add nodes from this 'reserve' env to the ELB of the main env, and remove all the nodes-to-be-deployed from the main load balancer. Then I deploy the app. When deploy is complete and prod nodes are ready I add them back to the ELB and remove the reserve nodes. The deployment is seamless but this is not a convenient trick - it required a fair bit of custom scripting... Luckily AWS provides great APIs to make all this stuff possible.
set01 3 hours ago | link | parent | on: A New Codecademy

I did the CSS Buttons project earlier this week and had the same issue you described. After checking the Q&A Forum, I realized I needed to include the stylesheet. That fixed the issue. I don't think this is a bug with that project.

The only state? News to me, as a Minnesota resident.

Why can't the browser do the crypto on your input, before it even gets to the site/js? (e.g., expose a secure input and output API (say, a new type of HTML textarea and markup tag). Whenever you start entering text, or when a secure element enters the viewport, look up the key for the site (stored locally, like how they remember passwords) and encrypt/decrypt the content. All the site/js sees is gibberish.

Also crowd-sourced news seems to be the elusive puzzle that everyone seems to be trying to solve (what with facebook's new trending feature), but no one has quite figured out how . It's a unique problem in that it is just as hard technically as it is socially.

Can't wait for the vinyl release of the kernel module.

No I don't. At least not all the time.

I just started with the assumption that getting real-time quality news is the shining light at the end of the news tunnel.

Which seems like a reasonable assumption considering that every innovation/breakthrough in news/information industry has been heading in that general direction.

There are only 3 contexts by which news is relevant time(no one is interested in what happened years ago), location and category. Blogs have clearly favored category and applications like twitter have greatly reduced the time (although I believe twitter is not streamlined to get the most important news out quickest,different discussion). The only way to further reduce that time seems to be by truly democratizing news as in crowd-sourced news.


Lol, Yup. It's funny he used the term "workhorse". I remember what happened to the workhorse in Animal Farm. A sucker is truly born every minute.

The Soviets also considered manned fly-by missions to Mars and Venus.



Haha. I just like the Calibri font. Maybe all browsers can use it now. Otherwise, the whole site is just very vanilla HTML typed into wordpad.

Cool!Start reading now.

I can't speak for Mr. Cook, but I wished to myself "please split AAPL" just the other day.

I hold AAPL and I would like to let my dividends roll over via a DRIP managed by my broker. But at current prices, yield, and dividend frequency ($525, 2.3%, quarterly) I would need to hold $90k of AAPL for a dividend payment to buy a single share -- a bit rich for me. But after the split, that number goes down to $13k.


This would be pay for play(speed) though. Not efficiency for play(speed). Efficiency should rightfully be encouraged, but pay for speed effectively means the first entrant is the winner for the rest of time no matter their improvements in efficiency (obviously depending on the nature and implementation of these rumoured policies).
Emelia 6 hours ago | link | parent | on: Ask HN: Food hacks?

Baked chicken beasts: This recipe is only moderately quick and cheap, but it is extremely simple and gives consistent results. Also, most of the time is inactive baking tine.

Requires: chicken breast, plain Greek yogurt, Italian bread crumbs (they come in a large canister)

-Preheat oven to 425

-Spread Greek yogurt all over raw chicken

-Roll yogurt covered chicken in bread crumbs

-Put the chicken breasts on a foil covered baking sheet and cover the chicken with foil (foil is on top and bottom)

-Bake about 25 minutes (internal temp 165), varies depending on how thick the breast is (cut them in half if in a rush)

I like to do multiple chicken breasts early in the week and reheat them for meals. The beauty of this recipe is that the chicken turns out really moist.

For quick clean up, line the baking dish (I use a cookie sheet) with foil. Then when they are done you throw the foil out and the dish is clean.


I know someone who makes a little more than that and only works part-time (although with MDMA, not pot).

This guy is talking up his role because he obviously likes the image of being a drug dealer. Chances are that he is the mid-level supplier in one of thousands of organizations serving the East Coast. There is no real 'east coast head' of all pot supply, the drug business is very very broadly distributed.

$30k+ a month for a guy in the middle of one of these orgs sounds right. Remember, there isn't much work - you aren't going door-to-door 12 hours a day and grinding out, you are handling a package or two a week plus some re-packaging.

He'd likely has a normal job (the person I know does) and a business that he uses to launder his extra income.


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