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I agree that the current NFT ecosystem is a house of cards, e.g., the susceptibility of NFTs to link rot. That being said, I think the ecosystem will evolve to a having a more robust way of handling these things as it matures.

For example, rather than only storing a URL that points to the content, perhaps the token could also include a cryptographic hash of the original content? In the case of link rot, the owner could still provide evidence of ownership on the original content by proving that it hashes to the stored value.

There are probably better solutions as well (others have mentioned IPFS).

While this article has many flaws, my direct personal experience with VAERS gives me very little confidence that incident reporting is working well.

I'm in my early 40s. I had a major heart attack (100% obstruction of left anterior descending artery) 21 days after my J&J shot in Q2 2021. I now have a stent and significant and permanent heart damage. My health for the decade leading up to it was impeccable. All my labs are well within normal. I exercise 6 days a week: Olympic and power lifting, running, rowing, cycling. I am careful with my diet and carried <15% body fat at 180 lbs. (male). I worked hard to take care of myself. I have no known genetic factors for increased clotting, and while they were placing the stent, they observed virtually no plaque in my arteries and no evidence of rupture. My cardiologist and a second opinion I sought independently could not identify any risk factor to which to attribute my heart attack. Both were highly suspicious of my vaccination.

My cardiologist reported my case to VAERS. I was asked to send a copy of my vaccination card. A month later, I got another e-mail asking to send a copy of my vaccination card. When I called and asked what happened to my first submission, the person had no idea. When I asked whether I could confirm that the current submission worked, they said they had no mechanism for that.

My cardiologist, a professor of cardiology at Stanford, got a phone call that was mostly reminding him that it was a crime to make a false report. Neither of our interactions gave us any confidence that the report was taken seriously at all.

All in all, I simultaneously think that COVID vaccinations are net positive and strongly suspect that there is significant under-reporting of adverse events.

(I imagine that some will think I am a figment of someone's imagination. How I desperately wish that were true.)

It really doesn't matter how obvious it is if you follow the easiest rule of not getting scammed:

- If anyone initiates contact with you, don't trust any claims they make about their identity.

If you only trust real law firms, verify that independently with whatever authority determines which law firms are real. People need to stop using "can make a professional-looking website" as a proxy for "not a scammer".

https://mobile.twitter.com/sama/status/1096822724217827328 Sam Altman mentioned something similar way back in 2017.

The surviving NFT projects that will require no active maintenance in the next 10 years will be the ones who fully dedicated to on-chain only (cryptopunks, chainrunners, etc).

Unless there is an active community that maintains its strength during market cycles (like BAYC), current NFT project death will be 95% over the next 10 years, just like a start-up.

Evolutionary Narrative Starts To Unravel

Which expressions are being repeated here?

The tricky part, as it was for me, was when things change. Things can be great somewhere, and then something at very high levels cause trickledown, and before you know it, minor problems turn into complete institutional dysfunction. It's like the butterfly effect, but with organizational dysfunction.

Add your spouse having other constraints, and it becomes a mess to navigate sometimes.

What a lovely tale! These are just the best. :)

Imo the point of the blockchain is that it can do many things (such as payments, storage, immutable records) all in one place which will lead to an overall increase in societal productivity.

In the case of your diploma, it's true that there are other ways to have a distributed immutable ledger that contains a signature leading to the diploma. However, by having one agreed upon global ledger for any university to upload to with a proven statement of authenticity for the degree, you then have the ability to build technologies on top of that massive ledger that would have been much, much harder if each university decided to host their own distributed ledger.

A simple example would be a hiring company (like lever.co) being able to verify degrees instantaneously on-chain instead of requesting a proof of degree from the university. This request for a proof already happens in real-life and requires a relationship between the university and the hiring company. The blockchain can then come in and allow companies to verify degrees in seconds, rather than days, leading to an overall increase in productivity.

No I mentioned two ways it could be done better, it has to use different OS facilities. Of course you are right about the futility of trying to secure anything connected to the X server, a solution based on X11 will probably always have vulnerabilities.

Have you talked to a doctor about it, and not just people on the Internet? If you ask a doctor, they would probably tell you the benefits without belittling you.

Hope it is okay and not too much off-topic. I just donated. He deserves it for this service!

Fact is that stuff like this can happen. Consider how many variables are in play to determine the final cost of a cloud service it is very much a double-edged sword. Sometimes you cut yourself unintentionally.

So now we all learn from this, I suggest we help him out.

Since my original reply was for some reason flagged, I'm reposting it:

If I were a woman and my genitals were mutilated, would your response be the same? That I should just get over myself? And before you play the well-female-mutilation-is-worse card, let's just restrict it to clitoral hood cutting, which is the analog of male foreskin removal.

The issue is that part of my body was removed without my consent and that my parents infringed upon my basic rights to an intact body. That is the issue. That may be inconceivable to you, but I assure you that it goes no deeper than that and that I have accurately represented my feelings in my post. There is no hyperbole.

But hey, it's a tough world out there so I guess we should all just suck it up and man up when our parents cut off part of our penises.

Well I love being able to visualize gains and losses in our monthly budget, goals, and upcoming expenses. I too have tried so many options including apps that link directly into my bank / credit (wasn't crazy about that.... But needed to find a working solution). Finally after years what has worked and still is for us is a self hosted solution called Firefliii https://github.com/firefly-iii/firefly-iii

It takes some discipline to keep up with the flow but now that its part of my daily tasks it takes a few minutes a day before bed to do and it helps me keep an eye on where I'm spending. The one big thing is getting use to no more bi-weekly budgeting. Make it a one month budget and stick to it.

Best of luck to you and your family!

That's a quote by Dr. Peter Doshi, not the article. While it's not strictly true if he was referring the that study, the difference is tiny enough that it doesn't matter in my opinion. It wouldn't make any difference if you switched the groups.

Regardless, what relevant data is missing from the table? As far as I can tell, you can see all relevant data to determine both total deaths and Covid deaths from the table in the screenshot.

I second this. I did a few years of hardware/mechanical engineering work before switching to AI. I'd never go back to the prior jobs

Upon observation, that huge community of developers appears to still be mostly building apps and altcoins on top of ETH and cashing out on BTC exchanges because that's what everyone uses and it's how you make the most money. These coins have not diminished in popularity, the huge community has only increased their popularity. If you take issue with cognitive bias then take it up with them. Like I said, I will concede this point when that changes and all the proof-of-work coins are gone, and the BTC maxis go away and stop having so much influence, but that has not happened and I am very skeptical that it ever will without also taking everything else you'd describe as "web3" with it.

I used to be very interested in defi but I can't anymore when it's evident that the same market forces and consolidation and network effects keeping traditional banking afloat are also keeping BTC afloat because too many people are invested in keeping it the dominant coin. I really hope I'm wrong and BTC is not "too big to fail" but if I am then I expect you'll see these fancy web3 startups pivot back to making "boring" web 2.0 banking systems because there is no big money in defi anymore.

There's an entire surprisingly-large industry built around providing better UI to the major cloud providers, so you can actually tell WTF is going on with billing, access control, networking, et c. They're so hostile that it has to be intentional.

If this won't make people watch ads 24/7, then what will?

Where does the article say that Covid deaths were the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups? What relevant data is missing from the table?

As far as I can tell, the point is to show the tiny difference in this particular study between the vaccinated and placebo for both total deaths and Covid deaths. It does that, and looking at the original tables doesn't change anything of note, as far as I can see.


There's already more than one successful company, see vw & ea. Tesla only opened their network in europe where they have the same plug experimentally. In the us it looked like they might open their network by putting dual charging plugs at superchargers if they were getting money from the bbb, but that money seems remote now. If telsa started building ccs charging networks in the us that were about the same as tesla superchargers except with that plug, they'd crush the competition because they charge market rates for their electricity and fix them when they are broken - this is beyond the capability the vw-owned electrify america.

That's not as silly as it sounds I think.

You could improve the air quality to be better than if your car existed, if you weren't generating carbon pollution and were say removing pollutants from the air as you drive. In reality this would be really hard, but if you had solar powered car and removed nox or something. But then you get into the infinite tail of the energy and pollution used to make your car.

That's because you tried to sing in using a cell phone which is listed into a black list. Maybe your mac address or imei is being rejected because it was used to do some illegal thing. Be careful...

Not calling you out directly as you're not responding to me, but it's really condescending to always get told how I don't understand because I levied some criticism. I first read the bitcoin paper in 2009. I've seen all the twists and turns the whole space has gone through. It didn't impress me back then and it doesn't impress me now. If I had received one good faith explanation for every time someone said "you just don't understand" then we'd all be a whole lot smarter for it and maybe I wouldn't have had to spend so much time reading these papers and getting disappointed.

The discourse around the pandemic and the vaccines is extremely counterproductive. The choice to get vaccinated or not have become more about signalling allegiance to one of two political tribes, than about health. As someone who hates both tribes, I start to regret getting vaccinated whenever I read pro-vax arguments (including a lot of these comments), but I can then cure that regret by reading anti-vax arguments. Both are as devoid of relevant information as the other.

It's the typical GANS face layout, with a blurry background, eyes centered and cropped to the face. It's certainly possible those are could be real people, but in my experience law firms usually have upper-body shots of the lawyers with their arms folded, or standing together as a team or with a client.

I wouldn't catch these at first glance, but the older gentleman specifically stands out to me with the

1. tuft of hair above the right eyebrow

2. teeth far offset from center

3. soap-bubble colored noise around the hair features

These aren't unusual on their own (except #3 maybe) but all together they make the photo seem fake.

If anyone is going to "get us all killed", it's people like you who are needlessly politicizing the pandemic.

> The stats in favor of vaccines take a sentence to explain (like “of the 1000 people with the vaccine 2 died, vs the 1000 people with placebo, 187 died”)

Are those real numbers?

At least according to table S26. Death summary in Blinded Phase (https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2113017/suppl_f...) it should be “of the 15184 people with the vaccine 16 died, vs the 15162 people with placebo, 16 died”. Unless I'm mistaken.

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