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Fair point - it can be really hard to get in with a psych. I'd talk to your PCP and see if they can get you a referral at least.

I read yaml for ansible like an ordered array.

It’s a namespace with the values you want inline, in my head

They’re INI files or .cfg to me

Not code

The code is the Python in Ansible, or Go in TF, that applies those values

Using config mgmt tools like they’re vanilla programming languages is weird.

Thank you very much. Company already did valuation, it's worth $60M. I'm wondering what is practice in the market considering these giving conditions for small business.

It has already gained adoption outside of that sub cult. All of the major financial institutions are researching applications of blockchains - many on top of private ethereum deployments. Ethereum is PROGRAMMABLE MONEY. It's a technology that's certainly here to stay, but that's not to say that ethereum itself will be the dominant platform.

I always feel like CLI is for power user's for people that already know what they are trying to accomplish and want to batch together scripts to do it. A UI is better for beginner user's to become familiar with a products functioning.

From a design perspective I feel like the CLI is far too often forgotten.

In order to accrue miles you need cars and drivers, which is capital intensive. One car can only drive so far. To get Waymo and Cruise numbers you need Waymo and Cruise money, which Zoox is starting to have. You can expect to see those numbers improve.

At the end of the day though, not all miles are equal. If one were so inclined you could just drive up an down a big highway with autonomy engaged only once merged. Obviously 100 miles of SF traffic is not the same as 100 miles of staying in your lane on cruise control.

Its been a slow boil, and they employ experts to manipulate public opinion (HN fawns all over them still ... articles continually like "Ex-Googlers Do XYZ!". They won't get away with it long term.

Investors don't hand out money after looking at your github repo (though they do indeed do due diligence after becoming sufficiently impressed).

That's a good point. If you are only looking for drugs, you're probably doing it wrong.

That's very true. Sometimes the work only comes once you start to get better (and then don't think you need the help). This advice could work if someone has noticed a loved one needs help and has to seek out help on another's behalf. It took me years to finally reach the step of starting the search which was super hard. I'm getting good results though.

Is the entire system one agent, which is then replicated across 5 bot instances, or do you have a specific network per hero?

I used to work on a product UI that provided the equivalent CLI command for every action you perform in the UI. Use the UI to learn the CLI - complementary experience.

Sorry, is it really necessary to say nevermore instead of "sf"? I understand some of us have been playing since WC3 days and are used to the old names (wisp, necrolyte, nevermore) but it's actually longer to pronounce AND more confusing nowadays.

Interesting. Which industries in particular?

Great work! We are definitely interested in maintaining our React ccodebase using this.

Other than that, one vertical usecase that would be super appealing would be the ability to automatically generate (and maintain) api servers ontop of AI modules. As in if we had a tensorflow model, can we automatically create an endpoint to serve live traffic? I guess more generally, if we can define the JSON input to a function (any python function doesnt have to be AI model), Optic can write all the boiler plate microservice for us!

That sounds like a nice sleep schedule.

The main reason I don't follow something similar, is that I am fairly sure consistently sleeping longer than 9 hours per night increases the risk for serious health problems. I'd provide sources, but I'm on my phone

You cannot save 100% of your pre-tax salary. That said, you make an interesting point

It's technically possibly but unbelievably dangerous, given the necessity of relying for millisecond response times over unreliable wireless connections. That $800M would disappear in a puff of litigation if anything went wrong.

But of course we know Zoox is actually driving on SF roads according to public documents, and the fact you can watch them drive if you are in SF and know where to look. Demos are demos, but this one happened with Zoox software at 100% autonomy.

Google will pay. All subsidiaries of Google are some form of limited-liability partnerships.

In Turkey, betting is under state monopoly (Spor Toto).

I wrote this library to use multiple headless chromium instances in parallel. The library creates a pool of browsers or pages via puppeteer and keeps track of your tasks, data and errors.

Okay but this guy is saying that he purposely sleeps 11 hours a day so that he can be more creative and cognitively enhanced and I'm the one being questioned for sources lol.

Could it be Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon? It's a novel, not a short story, but it has the same structure you've described involving successive sentient races (including bird-like people) and the planets gradually becoming uninhabitable.

Edit: Apparently Last and First Men was heavily influenced by a short story, "The Last Judgment" by J.B.S. Haldane. Source: https://www.sas.upenn.edu/sasalum/newsltr/fall99/end.html. Maybe that's the one you remember?

You seem to have implied sleeping long offers productivity. Might it be the case others are equally productive at the recommended 8 hours? Might it be the case that you need two hours extra sleep per night to get where everyone else is cognitively with eight hours sleep? Because if that is the case then you are losing time, productive time, and may in fact be losing some of your life, depending on how one views it. You may be sleeping away 8.33% of your life needlessly. If that isn't worth it to you to save then happy dreaming to you.

It is impossible considering the network lag and unreliability when transmitting all the 3D data to a remote location. It doesn't make any sense at all. The remote operation can only help vehicles make decisions, while the vehicle still needs to drive by itself.

If the principle of rule of law meant that a democratically elected government cannot use its powers to take care of its citizens, it would simply be a bad principle.

The rocket & capsule are designed to be fully reusable.

Retro rockets fire just before landing. This is the main cause of the dust cloud that kicks up around the capsule.

Various sources on the web put the touchdown speed at 1-3 mph.

Edit: the 3mph comes from a test where they disabled 1/3 of the parachutes [1]:

Similar flights had been done with the same craft three times before, but this time around, one of the capsule’s parachutes was disabled. Bezos said the two parachutes slowed the descent to 23 mph, as opposed to the usual 16 mph with three parachutes.

Just before the touchdown, the capsule’s retro rocket system fired. Bezos said that brought the speed at impact down to 3 mph. The capsule was equipped with a ring of crushable bumpers on its bottom to absorb that remaining force.

[1] https://www.geekwire.com/2016/jeff-bezos-blue-origin-test-ch...

Dubious to say the least. If anything, silicon valley culture is legendary for being unapologetically left leaning, and has been harder on right leaning content, let alone toleraing far right propaganda. This is a "sting" operation that's looking to "prove" a narrative someone's pushing - cherry picking evidence that suits their agenda.

With full respect for your choices, I don't have your code in front of me so I can't review or comment on architectural decisions made, but given that disclaimer - when people say they "need" a plugin to do something, I often wonder if their viewpoint is accurate to the real problem being addressed, or if they are programming by habit, rather than by best practice. Again, I mean no disrespect because I have no information to criticize other than base assumptions.

To Excel, I wonder how much reimplementing was needed again, did you need computations in-cells like Excel has? It seems like if you are going that deep you will need to implement much of the logic on your own. I guess if you are truly just reimplementing Excel in a web interface, then your point has merit, but it seems like for something that specific, the preboxed solution would more get in the way?

To directives versus components, certain behaviors make more sense to me as an HTML element (an infinite scroller, for example) than as a "controller-level" component. Additionally I've found a great transparency of debugging by starting with the HTML and looking at what functions are being invoked when, than by hoping I know where the "controller" is binding into the HTML, and perhaps never finding all of it.

And fair - I still don't know what "opinionated" means... lol


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