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Ask HN: Junior devs of HN, what are you doing to become senior?
5 points by nkabbara 7 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Actually listening when a senior tried to correct me. That wasn't easy.

Talk to people at your company, go to fairs,...

You'll better understand what is going on around.

You can do some amount of learning new tech skills. But you'll have to know which ones at first, so the former steps are still important.

The key for me has been focus on creating value - by being consistent at coding, year in and year out.

When you stick with it, over time, you start to recognize patterns and cycles, that trends emerge, peak, and fade.


Try to get ten years of experience, not one year of experience ten times. Best achieved at a growing organization

Ten years is a long time to validate whether you ended up in the right place...

what would you suggest for folks that feel stuck going from one revolving door organization to the next

I recommend becoming an expert in just one field of computer application, or an industry where computers are used.

Grow older... years of "experience" acquired...

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