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Show HN: fastgron: A JSON to GRON Converter That's 40 Times Faster Than Gron (github.com/adamritter)
23 points by xiphias2 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Hello HN! I want to introduce fastgron, my new project.

fastgron is a JSON to GRON converter, built to be incredibly fast – it's 40 times faster than Gron. GRON is a tool for making JSON greppable, but it can slow down with larger files. With fastgron, even a 200MB JSON file can be converted in just 1 second.

Key features include streaming conversion for memory efficiency and an optimized path reconstruction for faster operations. It leverages C++ and the simdjson and fast_io libraries for speed.

I welcome all feedback, suggestions, or questions. Thank you!

First I'm hearing of gron, this is very cool. Great work!

Thanks very much! I'm trying to make it easier to install before porting more features from gron.

Added a quick install section

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