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Open Online Assemblies (MOOAs)
3 points by ANarrativeApe on May 24, 2023 | hide | past | favorite
Hi, I have designed a series of governance tools to enable large scale community decision making focusing on: A. deciding what gets voted on; B. distinguishing between humans and human created entities, with humans having the right to be cognitively dissonant (with the unlimited responsibility of living (not living) with the consequences) and non-human entities, with their limited responsibilities, being required to maintain cognitive consonance; C. a means of detecting cognitive dissonance both within individual MOOAs as well as across multiple MOOAs. My ability to create algorithmic structures is not matched by an ability to convert them into deployable tools. The IP is owned by a community interest company, CitizenShared CIC, and we would love to get some input on what would be required to build the partnerships necessary to develop the required tools, including how to make the data (anonymized in the case of humans) available to open source LLMs to uncover consensus on actions. The voting mechanism element is taken care of already, but we see the 'separation of powers' as mission critical.

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