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Show HN: ChatJeepTea – A Voice-Based Conversational Telegram Chat Bot (github.com/lightningorb)
5 points by lightningorb 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Hey HN! I'm excited to introduce ChatJeepTea, an Open Source Telegram chat bot that combines OpenAI's GPT API, Whisper ASR, and Google text-to-speech to enable voice-based conversations in near-realtime. It's written in Python and allows you to communicate with the bot using voice messages.

Hi all,

Author of ChatJeepTea here. Some more features:

- The bot uses asyncio to handle multiple concurrent users.

- Automatic language detection using langdetect

- Can generate longform (roughly 10 minutes) of content on any topic

If you're thinking of setting up your personal ChatGPT telegram bot then please consider starring / bookmarking this repo, and forking / contributing to ChatJeepTea instead of building your own from scratch.


- Anki integration

- Ability to swap models out for Open Source ones

- Prompt to video

- Video to prompt

This audio bot is really good at providing you with extrinsic motivation to do chores!

Will happily share some great prompts if this thread picks up.

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