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created:1679 days ago
karma: 1208
about: I'm searching for the perfect language. Lisp/scheme is the closest I've seen to perfection. But I'd like to see a language whose predominant paradigm is imperative, which is efficient, has gc, type inference, generics, macros or the ability to write DSL's, with an efficient C interface (in both directions), which can produce 64 bit binaries and has a friendly Open Source license. Builtin (fast) bignums would be an advantage. I wouldn't mind if it could run on OSX, Linux and Windows 32 and 64 bit as well. I'd prefer it to have an interpreter, but also be able to compile to efficient code without changing the source in any substantial way. So far the closest I've seen is Nimrod.

Edit: Scala on LLVM looks pretty promising! (Though I am working on my own language on the LLVM just in case...)