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created:October 10, 2006


1. Founder and former CEO of Parse (S'11) (acquired by Facebook in 2013).

2. Founder of Scribd (S'06).


I'm an angel in over 50 startups including: Cruise Automation, Gusto, Tilt, LendUp, WayUp, TripleByte, Checkr, RazorPay, True Accord, Swiftype, Realm, Front, Reddit (Series B), Bright, Wave, Matterport, Namo Media (acquired by Twitter for $50M), and Optimizely. https://angel.co/tikhon

References: http://tikhon.com/references


I'm a developer. I've worked on open-source projects, side projects, etc, but most of my time I spent working exclusively on Scribd and Parse. I ran DevOps at Scribd and at Parse (until I found amazing folks to take over those roles). I was on "pager duty" for many years at Scribd, and then again for the first year of Parse. I've done everything from fundraising to engineering to sales to sysadmin to biz dev to DevOps to waking up 7 times in one night when my database kept falling over. I promptly fell over myself the next day.


I studied theoretical physics in graduate school, although I was not a physics major in undergrad (Dartmouth, Econ and CS, summa cum laude). I've been programming since I was 12 years old. I made a 3000 LOC RPG that absolutely no other person was interested in. I recently found the game last Christmas and can safely verify it was absolutely terrible.