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created:3721 days ago
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about: I am Graham Mitchell. I have been teaching Computer Science at Leander High School (near Austin, TX) since the fall of 1997. I am also the author of "Learn Java the Hard Way" and "Learn Object-Oriented Java the Hard Way".

My wife has a PhD in nutrition and is also a registered dietitian. She taught nutrition at the University of Texas for many years but now teaches only at Austin Community College. She is much happier there.


The high school I teach at is a pretty good school; consistently ranked near the top 5% of public schools nationally. I have a lot of students who are exceptional but most of my students are regular kids with no particular aptitude for programming. To date, I've taught over 2000 students.

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/grahammitchell; my proof: https://keybase.io/grahammitchell/sigs/fFa_yO52UWi27swZ6hzR5gE-KWge1dNmSFxSgl5Jl10 ]