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created:3070 days ago
karma: 1172
about: I'm Steve Barbour. I first fell in love with computers when I read a 1978 article describing Alan Kayes' vision of the Dynabook. After going through a succession of the early consoles I finally got my hands on an almost real computer in 1983, a Timex Sinclair TS-1000, which had a whopping 1K of memory, and no usable software. I worked my way up from there, through C, VB (don't hate), Perl, Cold Fusion, the .NET stack (mostly C#), Javascript + JQuery, and most recently Ruby on Rails.

I'm also loving Ubuntu, if that means anything to you.

Feel free to check out my CV at http://careers.stackoverflow.com/steverb.

My blog is at: http://steverb.com

If you think I could help your project, feel free to contact me via email at me@steverb.com.