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created:June 23, 2017
karma: 1788
about: "The Men who Stare at Goats" is a fun movie so I chose this nick, but it doesn't mean much. I should have chosen "NotSure" instead:

"Program: Please speak your name as it appears on your current federal identity card. Document number G24L8.

Joe: I'm not sure if—

Program: You have entered the name 'Not Sure'. Is this correct, Not Sure?

Joe: No, it's not correct.

Program: Thank you. 'Not' is correct. Is 'Sure' correct?

Joe: No it's not. My name is Joe—

Program: You've already confirmed your first name is 'Not'. Please confirm your last name 'Sure'.

Joe: My last name is not 'Sure'.

Program: Thank you, 'Not Sure'."

Idiocracy [Film, 2006]