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created:2814 days ago
karma: 89
about: Mainly an active lurker on HN.

Main areas are affiliate and online ads/marketing right now. Learned programming with PHP in 2010/2011. Have moved on to mainly Ruby (and JS) since. Automation, Crawling the web, and data mining are favs of mine.

Since late 2014, i have coded a successful SaaS app and helped improve profits and revenue for ad and marketing companies who were already profitable but weren't using analytics and other helpful assets like split testing. Both as a consultant.

Since 2016, I've been focused on another bootstrapped SaaS app of my own in the online ad and marketing niche. Done my research, etc. I know it can be pretty profitable. Just been stuck in a slight rut since being on my own recently.

-- Email: skinny.much [/a/t/] gmail.com. Usually on Skype, Slack, IRC, etc. You can hit me up for any of my handles. Always enjoy talking to people - helping one other out, bouncing ideas.