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created:January 12, 2017
karma: 418
about: Software guy, unique combination of theory and practice, capable of debugging even on-site when everyone thinks a project is doomed, or maintaining/writing excellent software.

ParisTech engineer (École Polytechnique), Ph.D. in robotics, 15+ years industrial experience (including transportation and premises receiving general public). Missions for demanding contexts: consultancy, interim CTO, all missions dealing with software source code, with a strong bias towards very high quality. Freelance for the last 9 years.

* Longer summary on https://www.linkedin.com/in/gourichon/ * Long list of experiences and technologies on https://fidergo.fr/expertise (French) * CV https://gourichon.org/stephane/cv (French) * Languages: English/French * Contact https://fidergo.fr/contact