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created:March 30, 2007
karma: 29131
about: I'm a neuroscientist examining how the human brain enables how we think about the world. Think of our brains as computers (a thought itself!). Then add up all of the computers you've ever owned. Reconstruct the gaps in their use. Consider, rather than electricity, their power comes from food, sleep, and emotion. That's your brain - the computer with more memory than you'll ever know and more precious than anything you'll ever own.

I've been working on knowhi.org based on my research in semantic knowledge and the brain. The goal is semantic social networking based on a variant of page rank for people.

Now I'm very busy with neumitra.com where we are building wearable and mobile technologies to address the effects of stress and sleep on life, work, and play. If you love deep data piles with new tools to build and visualize them, feel free to say hello@neumitra.com.

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