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created:March 16, 2011
about:https://rachelbythebay.com/contact/ - send me a note. Include your e-mail address if you would like a reply.

My books: https://rachelbythebay.com/store/ - The Stupid Hour (2013) and The Bozo Loop (2012) - a trip into the world of systems administration, programming, networking, tech support, and living in Silicon Valley. Also available on Amazon!

https://rachelbythebay.com/ - top page, mostly leading to:

https://rachelbythebay.com/w/ - writing about software, technology, sysadmin war stories, and more.

Past project:

http://scanner.rachelbythebay.com/ - Fully parallel software-based radio scanner: puts standalone hardware scanners and mere online streams to shame. Fresh, local, unfiltered.