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created:May 1, 2017
karma: 3020
about: Mentor & Specialist on React JS, Redux, MERN Stack & LAMP Stack, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (April 2016 - July 2018) for Visual Studio & Development Tools, a Guinness Record holder (Microsoft App Fest), a Postgraduate Distinction Degree in Cloud Computing and a Software Developer with 9+ years of industrial experience in Enterprise Web Application Development with specialisation in Front End Engineering, User Experience and Web App Development.

People call me Praveen or PravMan. I am an ailurophile, vegetarian, and an experimental chef. Well, I would like to experiment as much as I can, on food and my life. My body is made up of HTML & CSS, which is literally me! This defines me as a Full Stack Web Developer (Front End, Back End, Middleware, Whatever...).

Oh yeah, I am a highly motivated, passionate hard-core web developer with diverse experience in developing web applications, hybrid mobile apps, and cloud computing solutions ranging from working on cute layouts, payment gateways etcetera and the list goes on till making a clone, better than Facebook. Yup, you heard it right. I did make a clone of our favourite social network from scratch.

Once upon a time, I was consistently ranked as top 0.01% developers in Stack Overflow. I stopped contributing much after achieving 100k reputation points. I am also a Pluralsight Mentor, Thinkful Mentor and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the field of Visual Studio & Development Tools.

Website: https://praveen.science/

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StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/462627/praveen-kumar