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Picnic - Amsterdam, Netherlands | ONSITE | VISA sponsorship | https://join.picnic.nl/ Picnic is the world’s fastest growing online supermarket with a simple mission: to make grocery shopping quick, easy and affordable for everyone. Our unique tech-driven approach enables us to work towards a greener and more sustainable future, with our fleet of 100% electric vehicles delivering fresh products from our warehouse to customers daily. Picnic is growing fast. We're a tech-first venture, where you ship code that either gets used by thousands of customers (and growing fast!) or runs our supply chain and is used by our hundreds of warehouse employees, where efficiency is key. Few places offer the chance to impact (good and bad!) so much with the code you make. Extra fun parts: we're a grocery story at the core, with total ownership of the supply chain. That means we have cool things like our own electric delivery trucks that you can drive. We also have warehouses which operate on the code you write, so you can go see how it affects the whole company right on the work floor. We're looking for Java Developers! You can find out more & apply through this link: https://grnh.se/c7a9be671