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created:March 1, 2013
karma: 1524
about: Chief Innovation Officer at BQE -- Management and accounting software for professional service firms

Founder of Smick Enterprises -- Developing tools for conveying information through live streaming video with interactive overlays

Co-Founder of Spotchck -- Developing global crowdsourced parking restriction database with free companion mobile apps

Tech Founder of PredPol -- Crime prediction technology for cops; used by LAPD, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Atlanta, Seattle, Tacoma, County of Kent in England, Montevideo Uruguay and many other places around the world

Twitter: https://twitter.com/omarqazi

Earn: https://earn.com/omarq/

BTC: 3NrTdGewV4vxqRFyPdw8xJuSgZzSGovcSG

ETH: 0x308fF4D957a1B5e5732490C0cAC4aD02fC493d68