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created:March 8, 2012
about:Previously a programmer in the DoD world, now a solo software developer. Before that, I used to hack on RTLinux until FSMLabs couldn't afford to pay me any more. My personal interests include search and rescue and musical groups. Also tried my hand at consulting around 2000-2001, failed; tried another startup based on a GPS logger concept that never got off the ground. Would like to contribute to open source, but the aforementioned extra-curricular activities get in the way. Run my own email/web for personal stuff at hardcorehackers.com; can be reached at the usual (RFC) addresses there.

I despise Apple fanboys and Microsoft shills, but I'm getting better (mostly by laughing at the former and ignoring the latter).

I used to be what I considered a master of C++; nowadays I'm an unabashed Lisp elitist, but mainly I putter along working on personal projects. Not currently looking for work, but if your project is interesting enough . . .

Still of the opinion that Emacs is the last editor on the last OS (Debian GNU/Linux).