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created:1980 days ago
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about: You can live forever. God's people will be set free forever from suffering when they die.


Everyone will live forever in heaven or die forever in hell.

In Romans 3:26, the Bible explains the three J's you must know to live forever:

1. God is Just, or righteous. God cannot allow sin in heaven. If God let sinful people into heaven, it wouldn't be heaven anymore. However, people are sinful. When people created the internet, we programmed computer viruses in our new world. If God let sinners into heaven, they would program computer viruses there too. Definitely not heaven.

So no one can get into heaven unless you are absolutely perfect. Otherwise it wouldn't be heaven.

2. God is a Justifier -- God justifies people. He makes us righteous. He can free us from our guilt right now, today. He can also deliver us from eternal death. And He wants to do this.

3. God justifies those who believe in Jesus -- God has a son, Jesus Christ. God loves his son. Therefore, God decided to justify people when they believe in Christ.

You must believe that Christ died for you and took the punishment you deserve. He also lived a righteous life in your place. That means God will let you go to heaven even though you have done wrong things. When you believe this and decide you want to stop being a sinner and stop sinning, God will save you. He will consider you to be as righteous as Jesus Christ. He will no longer consider you to be sinful, since Christ took your sin. He will begin changing you to be like His Son until you reach heaven (Romans 8:29).

Please read this too: http://www.bju.edu/about-bju/salvation.php