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created:May 17, 2015
about:Previously: Hobbyist in high-assurance security and high-productivity tech. Worked dead-end jobs and online all the time to talk to tens of thousands of people. Arrogant egomaniac that mostly entertained, used, or trolled people in a perpetually-evil world I hated. I apologize to all of you I hurt, including here.

Now: God got tired of me. He crushed me. A whole series of events, including a miracle, happened that proved He was real. Jesus Christ led me to ask forgiveness for my sins, repent, and surrender to Him back in June 2020. Life has been an adventure since. Everything has changed. I can testify Jesus Christ has the power to change your life and eternal future, too. :)

Gospel, proof it's true, and my story: GetHisWord.com

How to live and share it: GiveThemLife.com

On-site content on both domains is free for all uses. External content is at least free to use for self-improvement.

Email: digitalkevlar@gmail.com Reddit: heswithjesus