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created:July 26, 2013
karma: 6761
about: Techie.

Value privacy and freedom. Strong dislike for online tracking, privacy intrusions, DRM, etc.

Love (FLOSS) software like Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox (with several extensions), Ad blockers and tracking disablers, VLC, LibreOffice…donate money to them as a show of support.

For those who wonder why privacy matters, this is a concise article I always point to - "Privacy protects bothersome people" [1] by Martin Fowler. There's also "Nothing to Hide – a documentary about surveillance and you" [2]

Recommendations: Don't use WhatsApp [3]. Don't use Chrome browser. [4] Don't use Facebook (needs no explanations).

[1]: https://www.martinfowler.com/articles/bothersome-privacy.html

[2]: https://vimeo.com/189016018

[3]: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2016/08/what-facebook-and-whatsapps-data-sharing-plans-really-mean-user-privacy-0

[4]: https://blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2018/09/23/why-im-leaving-chrome/