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created:1802 days ago
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about: We are a couple of college students from North Carolina and WordBiLLY is our version of the AirBNB-cereal- box bootstrap for our tech start-up. The other reason we created WordBiLLY was to experience entrepreneurship first-hand, building a product, and tackling issues relating to customer acquisition and service. We design all the pieces and have sourced a local company here in North Carolina to manufacture them. After this, we Hand-finish each piece before shipping them.

What's a BiLLY?

We created the BiLLY to be thought of as a mini-billboard. They are Custom crafted Word Sculptures of your favorite Word/City/Name or Quote. Made in the USA for your Home and/or Office.

Check out our Stay Hungry Stay Foolish BiLLY and two more coming soon: - Live Long & Prosper - May The Force Be With You

Order a Twitter ID BiLLY? Or a BiLLY of your favorite Name, Date or Word.

@myWordBiLLY https://www.facebook.com/WordBilly