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created:February 6, 2013
about:Note to PR folks: I'm not the InfoQ.com editor named Matt Campbell. Please don't email me about your upcoming press release. If anyone knows a better way to clear up this confusion, please contact me.

I'm a software developer specializing in accessibility for blind and visually impaired people. From mid-2017 to late 2020, I worked for Microsoft on the Windows accessibility team, though my comments were always my own opinion posted on my own initiative.

I'm legally blind myself; I have enough sight to read a desktop computer screen up close with slightly enlarged fonts, but I often use a screen reader when browsing the Web, doing email, and other tasks that don't involve code. (Don't get me wrong; totally blind people can program, but I never got used to doing it that way myself.)

Of course, there's more to me than visual impairment. When it comes to programming, I'm also particularly interested in the challenges of developing cross-platform applications that integrate smoothly with the host platform. Outside of programming, I love music and love to sing. Pre-COVID, I often did karaoke (of course, I memorize the words). And like many nerds, I read science fiction.

Email: mattcampbell@pobox.com

Twitter: @mw_campbell

Blog: http://mwcampbell.us/blog/

Location: Wichita, Kansas, US

[ my public key: https://keybase.io/mwcampbell; my proof: https://keybase.io/mwcampbell/sigs/9sbxkfOoTyW6C8IiDB50bP_ZWa-V73AfbdmvUlfOKe8 ]